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  • Confucianism, Legalism And Daoism In China

    Chinese legend says that five thousand years ago Chinese society was founded by many rulers. Fu Xi introduced family life as well as hunting, fishing, and the domestication of animals to China. His successor, Shen Nong was supposedly the one who brought agriculture to the Chinese people. Finally, Huang Di is credited for having created the Chinese writing system as well the bow and arrow. The things that all three mythical founders created represent some of the core values still held in China to…

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  • Pepsi Vs China Comparative Analysis Essay

    As globalization prevails, many companies venture into different countries which create high complexity for marketing as the culture elements are deeply embedded in consumer behavioural, and can cause significant misconception on the brands. A comparative analysis between Pepsi’s TV advertisements in China and the US will help to demonstrate both the differences and similarities of marketing presentation and examine the effectiveness of the market communication. By applying Hofstede’s framework…

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  • New Woman Analysis

    Individualism as the Downfall of Revolution Revolution, by definition, is the creation of massive, world-altering change. It embodies the crumbling of old morals, traditions, habits, technology, and hierarchies. In the era of the May Fourth Movement in China, this was no less the case; revolutionaries sought an enormous paradigm shift, especially in terms of China’s culture and values. This is expressed clearly in the literature and film of the era, through creators such as Lu Xun and Cai…

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  • Silk Road History

    Silk was a highly valued product that was discovered by the Chinese who reserved its usage for the imperial court. The process of silk production was kept a secret in China, but it still became one of China’s chief exports during the Han Dynasty because there was a high demand for it. As silk was being traded extensively, it was introduced to the Roman Empire during the 1st century BC and this is when its popularity skyrocketed. Silk was beginning to be seen as an exotic luxury and eventually…

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  • Moon Orchid Analysis

    During the chaos of their perilous journey to America, compounded by the discrimination and dehumanization faced upon arriving at Angel Island, the wives of Chinese immigrants more often than not became a memory of the world these men were leaving behind. American policymakers dictated, “In 1884, a California court interpreted the 1882 Exclusion Act to mean that Chinese immigrants could not send for their wives. As a result, families were separated for years, or even decades.” (AAIJ). This law…

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  • Qin Shi Huang's The Great Wall Of China

    everyone in sync. This technique and song was commonly used by everyone back then and still used to this day in the remote villages of the desert lands in China. Around 221 B.C. under the Qin Dynasty, these walls and six divided states were united. Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor during this Dynasty and also had the first centralized feudal empire built. Qin wanted to consolidate his territory for protection from the tribes from the north. It is said that Qin ordered five thousand…

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  • Shih Huang Ti's The Great Wall Of China

    in the building, and the only way man can look upon the sum total of handiwork is by viewing it from outer space (Waldron, pg 2).” The Great Wall of China is more than just a wall. It is a story. It is a story that spans across centuries and dynasties of late China. Many people believe that The Great Wall of China is just a single wall that wraps around China, but in fact, it is a series of…

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  • Marco Polo Thesis

    Kublai Khan was the fifth emperor of the Yuan Dynasty and the grandson of Genghis Khan (Burgan 11). He was the first Mongol leader to conquest China (“Kublai Khan”). His father and uncle had worked as ambassadors for the Khan, who had grown to like them. When they returned with Marco, they were greatly…

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  • Ben Fong-Torres The Rice Room

    As the Chinese made their way for America most of their intentions were to make money in order to send money to their families back in China. For men from China, they would make their journey across the Pacific Ocean and start their work while searching for a woman to make a prosperous family. Women in China would hope for a man to need a wife in America by way of an arranged marriage rather than being in China where they would not have as bright of futures. If an arranged marriage was set up…

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  • Essay On Qing Dynasty

    Following the abolition of the Confucian Examination system and the collapse of the Qing dynasty in 1911, China intrigued by the “rise of new republics, rise of women’s suffrage, and the devices of referendum, recall, and industrial democracy provided the stimuli.” China was opportunistic that the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1911 opened up for educational reform and democratic initiatives. However, Radical ideas would be non-existent in China following the overthrow of the Qing and the…

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