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  • Soulstealers: The Chinese Sorcery Scare

    Philip A. Kuhn presents the socio-psychological aspects of the sorcery scare, which occurred during the last imperial dynasty in China. Kuhn, a Harvard Professor of History and of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, examines the “Prosperous period” and how the effects created a state of uneasiness in both the conscious psychology and economic _***_. In Soulstealers: The Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768 Kuhn focuses on the social and economic setting of the mid-eighteenth century. Drawing on a…

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  • Who Is Zhau Rugua's Quest For Knowledge?

    The worlds filled with thousands and thousands of mysteries. We as a race seek to find these mysteries and make them known to people. This yearning for knowledge of the unknown and the unexplainable is what cause the world to be brought into the era it is in. Some on their quest to knowledge have created books, articles, music, laws, and many other things that would change the world, socially and economically. This led to many explorations and discoveries beyond anyone’s imagination. The…

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  • Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini: The 1979 Iranian Revolution

    On June 3, 1989 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini died of complications following surgery. Millions of Iranian citizens took to the streets to mourn his passing. During the period of mourning, thousands were injured and many lost their lives. This mass outpouring of passion was aimed at the man largely responsible for the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the establishment of an Islamic Republic. While the 1979 Revolution was facilitated by a number of groups including but not limited to the religious…

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  • The Mise En-Scene In The Movie Argo

    Argo (2012) is a movie directed and starring with Ben Affleck based on the history of the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979. The crisis started when the Shah wanted to westernize Iran and it makes the Iranian people infuriate, when the majority people of Iran are Shia then the populace of Iran topples the Shah, deported cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini take over Iran and his supporters start to act violent against people who refuse to comply their cleric and people who suspected to be American…

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  • We Are All One: In The Folktale Retold By Laurence Yep

    We Are All One From as primitive a time as 1.7 billion years ago- the twenty-first century B.C.- humans inhabited the regions around the Yellow River and the Yangtze River in central China. As the time advanced, the Chinese population, culture, and beliefs evolved into a society. Then, in 1949- merely sixty-nine years ago- the country of China was officially established. However, the culture developed by the Chinese people had long been created; the beliefs of their culture had been…

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  • Dream Of The Red Chamber And The Tale Of Genji

    1 / 4 Kurtis Gustin Hist 370 Comparing and contrasting pre-modern Asian literature The lives of the elite and the aristocrats of pre- 1200 China and Japan share some commonalties also while possessing unique differences. The aspects of the lifestyle enjoyed by these two groups of people are forever immortalized in two novels that, while are fiction, give insight into what life was like back then. The two books in question are firstly, Dream of the red chamber and The tale of Genji.…

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  • Taoism And War By Lao Tzu

    Taoism and War Tao Te Ching was written around 600BCE and is the first written document about Taoism that exists. Tao Te Ching was written by Lao Tzu, who was a contemporary of Confucius. They lived in the period known in China as the Spring and Autumn period. A period full of conflict and war, where China was struggling to hold all states together due to a weak central government. In this period many philosophers emerged coming up with ideas on how to keep China strong and undivided. According…

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  • Land Of Abundance Case Study

    The Land of Abundance-Chengdu Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province and it is center of science and technology, commerce in China's southwestern region. Chengdu city is located in the western of Sichuan Basin and the central of Chengdu Plains. It is common knowledge that Chengdu is rich in products and the agriculture in Chengdu has been well developed. As early as 3500 BC to 2000 BC, there was the first group of people in this land and the city was also known as "become the capital…

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  • Jay Chou Essay

    When people talked about the king of the pop, Michael Jackson may be the first answer jump up from their mind. However, if it’s in China this person could be the Chinese version of king of the pop, that is Jay Chou. In the circle of entertainment, they never lack of beauty and genius, but Jay Chou may be the fewer who only depends on talented to hold on this circle for many years. Back to 2000 nobody will believe this boy who have speak with a lisp can represent an era. What is his inspiration?…

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  • Tibet Compare And Contrast Essay

    large Chinese forces stationed in Lhasa, the Russians and Brits supported the Chinese rule and disenfranchised Tibet as its own entity resulting in the fleeing of the Dali Lama to India to escape persecution of the Chinese government. Once the Qing Dynasty is overthrown Tibet has another chance at independence through the Simla Convention, and while Tibet agrees to the conditions, China does not, leading to neither party signing the…

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