Daughter Of Persia Character Analysis

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Critical Analysis: Daughter of Persia Daughter of Persia is about a young girls journey through life after being born in Iran. She was born to the third wife of her father and was his 15th child. Shazdeh, her father, had 36 children to eight different wives. She lived in Tehran on a compound with the rest of her family. Shazdeh believed in all of his children being educated and active, even though this wasn’t common for girls at the time. This set Saitti apart from other woman throughout her whole life. Many things interested me about this book and inspired me in different ways. Through this inspiration I got to learn first-hand what a real life was like in Iran when the country was first developing. She talks about the Islamic Revolution …show more content…
The country went through many internal conflicts and could never agree on just one thing. There were extreme Islamics and people who extremely wanted the country to move more in a way of the western civilization. Eventually, Saitti even got forced out of her own country and fled to live with her Daughter, Mitra, in the United States. One day, she showed up to school expecting to teach her class in a modern education when she was warned about students with guns inside. Saitti didn’t listen to this warning and continued to go in. Her students held her at gunpoint and then took her to the police station to turn her in. She had many charges on her, but they could actually only find her guilty on one. The government persistently went after her and because she was no longer safe in her own house she went from house to house throughout her relatives. “On these worthless human beings I had lavished my best years, denying myself a husband, a real family life, leisurely hours with the people I loved. What a fool I had been!” (Farmaian 373) Saitti relinquishes her feelings towards the people who betrayed her. This is an example of why the country never fully moved on from the Islamic Revolution, but managed to go back in a way that they would punish those trying to bring modernism into the

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