Internal Conflict In Persepolis, By Marjane Satrapi

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January of 1978 was the beginning of ten years of dark times for Iran. The people of Iran had to suffer through a revolution, a new government, and a war. Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi is a book featuring a young girl Marji who was growing up while these negative events were happening. Marji had to face many issues growing up with her parents, herself, the war, and the new government. Marji was able to get through these events, however it was not without deaths, violence, and negativity. Everything going on in Iran including the issues with the government, the violence throughout the country, and the new harsh laws are really affecting everyone including Marji.
For many years, the government of Iran was very corrupt and was not beneficial
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People were rioting, being killed, and as a child, she didn’t understand why. An internal conflict that Marji had to face while growing up in that situation is her trying to learn who she is while living in a tough environment. That situation causes Marji to question her family’s status and how they live. Marji doesn’t know what to think or believe because her teachers, parents, God, and friends are all telling her different things. On frame 6 of page 37 Marji just learned about how social classes were separating people based on money and Marji asks her dad “But is it her fault that she was born where she was born??? Dad, are you for or against social classes?” Marji was ashamed of her country and didn’t understand how someone she loved could be treated unfairly because the amount of money they have. Another question Marji faces is her trust in God. On frame 4 of page 70 Marji was crying and God tries to comfort her, but she says “Shut up, you! Get out of my life!!! I never want to see you again.” Marji told God that because she doesn’t understand how he could allow such bad things to happen to the people she cares about. Marji questioning many important things in her life is an internal conflict that shows how Iran’s situation is impacting all people, even

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