Relationships Between Different Characters In Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi

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Relationships between characters are often used to develop important ideas and themes. An author will use interactions between different characters to convey their feelings and beliefs. This method helps the reader to understand the concept the author is making. In the novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, the author introduces multiple characters that each have a different relationship with the main character, Marjane. As the story progresses, Marjane meets different friends and family members. While each character has a different interaction with Marjane, either negative or positive, the reader ultimately gains a sense of understanding of the idea the writer is portraying.

As the novel progresses, Marjane begins to tell the stories
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Marjane’s relationship with her parents is caring and compassionate yet full of stress and tension. The author uses this relationship between Marjane and her parents to portray the impact that a parent or guardian has on a young child. When Marjane attempts to go to the rallies with her parents, her parents refuse to let her come along. According to the text, Persepolis, “For a revolution to succeed, the entire population must support it.” The author uses this to show Marjane’s interest in politics and what goes on in her country even at a young age. Her parents refuse to take her to the protests to protect her and shield her of the danger because the shah began to take violent action towards the protestors. When Marjane finally convinces her parents to accompany them to the protest, she’s sees the world in a different light. Throughout the novel the author uses her own relationship with her parents as a metaphor for her relationship with her country. Marjane sees an injustice with the world and how each social class is treated. Her views her conflicted because of what her parents teach her and how the …show more content…
Through her graphic novel, Persepolis, she exposed the struggles of her country and the innocent people in it. The reader experiences the start of the Islamic revolution through the eyes of young Marjane. As each character is introduced, the reader sees the relationships between Marjane and the character to develop important ideas and themes. The author give insight on growing up in Iran and give the reader a different perspective of Iran. Persepolis shows the dangers of what could happen if you let others opinions dictate you. Persepolis also shows that each and every person has a story no matter where they come from and each person has something to teach someone

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