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  • Chinese And Confucian Analysis

    Confucian & Taoist Portrait of a Traditional Chinese Gentleman In examining the Confucian and Taoist ways of life, an image is created displaying how the ideal Chinese gentleman should be. These ancient Chinese styles of living clearly outline key virtues and principles that one should internalize in order to fulfill his or her spiritual duty. The Analects, written by Confucius, defines the superior man as one who strives for social harmony by renewing traditional ways of life in order to…

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  • Boxer Rebellion Summary

    I. Anti-Imperialist uprisings in China had torn the country apart and the Boxer Rebellion initiated a nationalist movement against the invasion of foreigners and foreign dogmas during the Qing Dynasty. This text detailed the intricate origins this rebellion with explicit detail and support for its claims of origin. While this rebellion ended in the defeat of Chinese rebels because of the intervention of the Great powers , it remains an important part of Chinese nationalistic history. The…

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  • Medusa Carol Ann Duffy Analysis

    On one hand, we have the poem ‘Medusa’ by Carol Ann Duffy, in a dramatic monologue based on a mythical creature, Medusa, whose insecurity and jealousy leads her to believe that her husband is cheating on her. Consequently, she turns into a gorgon who turns anything she looks at to stone. On the other hand ,we have ‘Les Grandes Seigneurs’ by Dorothy Molloy which is about an aggrandized woman’s romantic relationship with men there to entertain her and to support her self-aggrandizement. However,…

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  • Iran Revolution 1979

    The Iranian Revolution of 1979 changed not only the government of Iran, with its fundamentalist Islamic overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy; this event furthermore impacted the political and religious climate of the countries surrounding it as well. The revolution ushered in an era of transformation in the Middle East. This effect on other nations, primarily due to the nature of the regime transformation Iran underwent, lasted for decades and into the twenty-first century. The nation of Iran…

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  • Confucius Four Theories Of Human Nature

    Throughout his life, Confucius identified many complications pertaining to the morality and well being of the Chinese civilization.(The Twelve Theories of Human Nature, Leslie Stevenson, David L. Haberman, Peter Matthews Wright, Oxford University Press, Sixth Edition, 2013.) Confucius diagnosed the problems in China to be the desire for wealth or profit, lack of familial respect, one’s words do not represent their actions, ignorance to the Way of the Sages, and the lack of benevolence in human…

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  • Elizabeth 11 Astraea Essay

    As a female ruler and Tudor monarch, Elizabeth I had to prove herself worthy of her throne throughout her entire reign. She inherited from her predecessors a kingdom divided over religious matters, and she had to impose Protestantism as the kingdom 's official religion.1 Her failure to marry and the uncertainty of her succession proved to be additional challenges to her reign.2 Under such circumstances, she had to carefully construct her royal image, to ensure her subjects ' loyalty. As the…

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  • Zoroaster's Beliefs

    He was born somewhere within 500 to 600 B.C. in the country of Ku and died some time during the Zhou Dynasty. When the two first met, Lao Tse talked bad about the way Confucius stubbornly ignored some problems in his teachings. Confucius simply chuckled and compared his attitude to that of a dragon. According to popular belief, Lao Tse got married and had…

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  • Gender Inequality In China

    It is widely believed that China has the oldest continuous civilization. China more than 4,000 years of history can be verified (Wikipedia.com, 2015). Beijing is the capital of China, which is the focal point for the country. The official language is Chinese standard, which is derived from the Mandarin dialect. Most businessmen speak English. There are many dialects in China, however, everything is written in one language. A form of the communist government exudes China. The Chinese government…

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  • The Importance Of The Silk Road In Portugal

    (1) Introduction The Silk Road was an ancient trade route, which ran from China and India to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Goods, such as Chinese silk and Indian spices, were traded along it using camels on the overland route (Newitt, 2005, pp. 2-3). Portugal, being located on the Atlantic coast, was therefore at the fringe of the Silk Road. However, Portugal managed to create a colonial empire despite being a country of marginal importance in the early Middle Ages (Disney, 2009,…

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  • Causes Of China's Rural Crisis

    China’s Rural Crisis: The Fall of Power The Qing dynasty ended in 1912 with a revolution; however, it had been declining for more than a century before it falls. Corruptions within the empire, population growth combined with food shortages, and the social unrest between the ethnic majority Han and the ruling Machus all contributed to Qing’s downfall. However, despite all of these internal issues, it was external pressures that caused the eventual collapse of the Qing society. Foreign…

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