Reflection Of Confucianism In Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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As the title suggests, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon refers to what lies beyond the eyes can perceive in a being. The movie illustrates characters that are relatable to self and Asian society. As we explore the Chinese ancestry in the class we watch the movie as a reflection of Confucianism and Taoism prevailing in traditions of China. The characters in the movie portray various attributes to paint the picture of China as a self-regulating society.

As the movie begins, Li Mubai returns from his retreat and visits Shu Lien. He was searching for Tao to attain peace. He told her that during his meditation he was surrounded by light and reached a place where time and space disappeared. Something his master never warned him about. Shu Lien thought
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Li Mubai attempts to attain it by retreating in isolation, but we also discussed that achieving Tao is in spontaneity and faith in mind. “The true mind is no mind”, and as I interpret it, one cannot achieve Tao by voluntarily deciding to isolate themselves and keep themselves away from what the mind and heart desires which causes the endless sorrow to Li Mubai in this case. Although in search Tao, he exhibits the features of a Junzi. He shows his virtuosity when he remarks that even though his sword brought great glory it is stained with blood and has taken too many lives. (Lee, CTHD, 2000) With this he displays Ren, humanity and compassion to the lives of fellow beings. Confucius preached that lives around us should be equally valued as our own life. He was the master of the Wudan and he was aware of it but never took pride in it …show more content…
She showed her highest level of loyalty in friendships and relationships. She took care of her people and respected the elders, this shows the principle of filial piety. Confucius asked his students to be filial to his parents, respectful of the elders abroad and love all men (De Bary, Confucius, 24) She strived to maintain peace and these are the virtuous qualities of Confucianism. She realized that the sword (Green Destiny) was stolen by Jen before anyone else did, but she kept it to herself and tried to solve the matter without creating any conflict. She keeps it from Li Mubai and others as she did not want to degrade the name of the royal family in the society. She confronts Jen by making her question morals and that forces her to bring back the sword. Confucius said “Lead them by virtue and restrain them by the rules of decorum and they will have a sense of shame” (De Bary, Confucius, 32). Throughout the movie she is connected to all the characters but is never trying to thrust her opinion over anyone. She even portrays selfless love and respect to the dead. Shu Lien and Li Mubai have this unspoken connection between them but none of them ever acted upon it because Shu Lien was engaged to Li Mubai’s best friend who died protecting him. To respect him, they never engaged in an affair but their love for each other was selfless. (Lee, CTHD, 2000) The respect to dead and the afterlife is very auspicious in the

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