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  • Technology And Society In The Pixar Film Wall-E

    The human race has the ability to live a life without the constant use of technology. It’s constantly used throughout the majority of the time that it has become an addiction for a vast amount of the human population. Reducing the amount of technology that humans depend on is one of the simple solutions that could be used to solve a problem before one arises. If it was humanly possible to live without the use of technology before than humans can actively try and find ways to help our society…

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  • The Anthropogenic Epoch's Effect On The Environment

    “the fossil economy was not created nor is it upheld by humankind in general" (Malm and Hornborg 1). The use of fossil fuels was only used by some, and in total, the destruction of the environment has “largely been caused by only 25% of the world population" (Crutzen). This is interesting that Crutzen states this because later in the article, he contradicts this and states that the Anthropocene is “human-dominated” and it is the “impact of mankind.” These two statements differ because one is…

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  • The Effects Of The Food Supply Chain

    Food security, defined as the ability to provide sufficient food for the global population relying on a healthy and sustainable nutrition (Godfray et al., 2010), is likely to become one arduous challenge to the following decades. The predictions of The United Nations, in which the world’s population by 2075 will achieve about 9.5 billion people (Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2013), suggest that modern and efficient measures must be taken to follow the prospective food requirements.…

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  • Deductive Thinking: Theories Of Death

    the position of the world as a whole when it comes to feminism. Tentative Hypothesis It is important to note that feminism focuses at bringing equal rights to all sexes and not as may people think that it’s all about making women have better rights than men. The belief in equal rights for both men and women refers to egalitarianism. Feminism is all about fixing women but not hurting men. Theory Therefore according to the polls only 18 percent of the entire world population consider themselves…

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  • Effects Of Food Insecurity In Nigeria

    problem still poses a threat especially in developing countries like Nigeria. Majority of these countries do not produce enough food to feed their populace and often depend on imports [1]. Other factors such as poverty, climate change, increasing population and conflict among others continue to prevent a significant proportion from having access to food. Sub-Saharan Africa contributes most to the global level of food insecurity. According to the global food insecurity index, the region had the…

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  • The Marks Of Maturity Analysis

    in preparation for adulthood, teens are also learning about being an adult. Their leaders and teachers have been trying to mold teens into what they consider a mature young adult. In order to really help the next generation to be mature leaders the world needs to come to an understanding as to what maturity is and how they can teach children what…

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  • How Does Geography Affect A Civilization?

    The world is extremely unequal, not because of race, but because of geography. Few of the main ingredients of inequality are agriculture which affects the kind of animals and specialists a civilization has, domesticated animals that can extremely benefit a nation, germs which can kill off an entire population, and steel which is the strongest man made metal. Without certain geography, civilizations would not be able to benefit from those aspects. These factors or lack thereof can lead to one…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Water Pollution

    Many people walk around Earth every day not paying attention to their surroundings. People’s actions have outcomes, and many don’t even realize the outcomes of their actions. Earth is a planet with around 8 million people living on it, and some say a widespread problem known as pollution could ruin the Earth as well as harm the biotic factors living on earth. While many with the other point of view say pollution is not a risk and in some ways, it can help the earth. This essay is here to…

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  • How To Extend Life Essay

    breakthrough in the world of science and could lead to a change in the average person’s life. Another possibility is extending a person’s life over 150 years of age. Research has been conducted and results have shown that people could very soon be living to be about 150 years old and possibly live to be even older than that and be able to enjoy life longer. Another major…

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  • Population Boom Of India Essay

    The Climate Cost of India’s Population Boom With the second largest population in the world, the country of India, located in South Asia continues to grow rapidly. While being a relatively new democracy, gaining independence shortly after World War two, India has visions of International success. While being somewhat limited in the natural resources the country possesses, the population boom in India is putting stress on its own country and climate. With the climate issues faced by Indian…

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