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  • Should We Live Longer Essay

    I am sure we have all dreamed of ways to live longer, if not forever. But should we find a way to live longer? We do not realize what the consequences of that would be. We already have “7.2607 billion people in the world as of 2014”…

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  • America The Beauty Of Nature Essay

    From the earliest days of the human race, people have used art to express themselves and interpret the world around them. Prehistoric art consisted mostly of images of animals, such as horses, deer, and buffalo, carved into or painted on the walls of caves. Since then, the means by which art is created has evolved, but it is still abundantly inspired by nature. Some extremely famous artist have invoked this theme, including Vincent Van Gogh, known for Starry Night and Irises, Albert Bierstadt,…

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  • Impact Of Food Policy In Bangladesh

    FOOD POLICY Bangladesh is the world 's seventh-most-populous country in the world (Bangladesh Country study guide). The demand for efficient food production, distribution and consumption for this population will be increasing especially for rice as a staple food grain. As food security continues to emerge, the government has put top most priority to the agriculture sector. The government of Bangladesh designed and approved the National Food Policy (2006) and National Food Policy Plan of Action…

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  • Arguments Against Human Overpopulation

    to be able to sustain us for much longer. Many people believe, however, that the population of the human race isn’t the reason for Earth’s decline in resources. It is, in fact, us. We, as a species, are solely responsible for Earth’s sudden decline in sustainability. It is not how many of us there are, it is how we live and how we produce, consume and waste our many resources. One of the biggest issues in todays world has a lot to do with the state of the environment, and the fact that we are…

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  • Elizabeth Morbert The Sixth Extinction Analysis

    In the novel “The Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert, humans are destroying the world by burning fossil fuels, polluting oceans, rivers, lakes, and the air but, is it really the individuals human 's fault or is it corporations caring too much of profit that they will do anything to make an extra pennie? How many times have you heard about oil spills? Personally I have lost count of the ever increasing number of oil spills. Deforestation is also caused caused by corporate greed acording to…

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  • Cross Cultural Interactions

    had extreme impacts on the future use of travel networks of the world, as well as future global interactions and popular culture. The greatest causes of cross-cultural interaction from 1000 to 1500 CE were religious and diplomatic pursuits, the emergence of growing commercial centers, and nomadic invasions. The impacts of the interactions included events with the environment including the Bubonic plague, which caused a lesser population, the moving of humans in search of opportunity, and the…

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  • Dolphin Killings

    signs of an immediate end to the brutal killings of Dolphins. Governmental organizations must pay more attention to this problem and world organizations such as UNICEF must create and enforce laws to prevent the killing of Dolphins as soon as possible. This essay will examine the main causes of the killings, its effects and how a stop can…

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  • Solving World Hunger

    Committee on World Food Security Meets on Hunger Challenges states that, in the world today, eight hundred and forty two million people go hungry every day. World hunger is worst in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America (“Know Your World: Facts About World Hunger & Poverty”). In the United States forty to fifty percent of our food gets wasted every year, but we still have forty eight point one million Americans who do not know where there next meal is coming from (“Solving World Hunger…

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  • Butterfly Unhealthy

    THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY Butterflies, like many insects across the UK have undeniable importance to the ecosystem. Maintaining butterfly populations has become a priority across the globe as anthropogenic activities increase to threaten butterfly species. One such species under threat in the UK is the Duke of Burgundy. Decline in flagship species over recent years has led to a review of the biodiversity action plans and the importance they have across the globe. This POSTnote examines the risks of…

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  • Why Is Abortion Such A Sensitive Topic

    people who are in the workforce may have to work that much longer and that much harder so they can support themselves. The progress of the technology, and medicine may be prolonged if not enough people enter the workforce. But if there are less of a population than the environment would not have to suffer as much. In the end it is up to the mother to decide if she wants to have this abortion or not. She would have to weigh all aspects of life and see if she is capable of caring for a baby or if…

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