World record progression 100 metres breaststroke

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  • Personal Narrative: My Definition Of Success

    August, after those months very few if any swimmers were born (Gladwell). For example Katie Ledecky was born in March, and by age nineteen not only smashed a world record but also was a full 5 seconds ahead of everyone in her heat, she watched second and third place swim in! Not only did she have the advantage of being a bit more physically mature, because of her birthday, but she also had to work hard everyday to achieve something like this! As the swimming season progressed I still wasn’t placing, but my times were always getting better! The week before finals I had caught a cold and just could not shake it. That week the mornings where freezing and it was making it hard for my body to fight off the germs, I could barely breathe through my nose and holding my breathe was difficult and even letting out air under water proved to be a task. I HAD to be at practice though, I place seventh in breaststroke, butterfly, and sixth in freestyle. By the time I got to Friday I felt a little better, I still couldn’t breathe through my nose but I had made it! I was swimming in the freestyle! Michael Phelps practices 365 days a year, while other swimmers take a short break after the olympics, Phelps is in the pool practicing. He started working towards the olympics when he was eleven, and has practiced everyday since. He has smashed records, has 23 olympic gold medals, 3 olympic silver, and 2 olympic bronze. Phelps truly embodies the poem “Success” by Emma Lazarus. The persistence he…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Swimming

    off the blocks it is the closest we'll ever be to flying. Swimming is a sport in the Olympics. Michael Phelps awesomely went to the Olympics and is now the most decorated Olympian ever. Michael Phelps has the most Olympic medals ever. He his best stroke is fly. He is a fit athlete. Swimmers are some of the most fit athletes in the world. Football, for example, you run which is something that thankfully comes naturally as you mature in age. We work so hard to be able to propel ourselves through…

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  • The Importance Of Human Resilience In Boys In The Boat By Daniel James Brown

    The ability to overcome tough obstacles in an individual's life is known as human resilience. The book “Boys in the boat”, written by Daniel James Brown, is about a young man named Joe Rantz, who is on the rowing team for the University of Washington. He had to overcome many challenges regarding his past, but it didn’t stop him from gaining a spot on the United States Olympic crew team. He helped lead his team to victory, despite the hardships of living alone as a teenager. The second story…

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