World Summit on the Information Society

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  • Digital Divide Analysis

    living in the new media society because of the digital devices are surrounded our lives such as the Internet, iPhone, TV… In fact, it also means we are living in the information society. According to the lecture, we access to information happens through digital technologies (Quintero, Johnson 2016, Information Society). There is no denying fact that we access the news, music, and information come from digital technologies. Meanwhile, new media society change our lifestyle; it changes our way to communication, culture, message propagating, and self-vales get by access digital technologies. New media society not only bring advantages to us, but also exists the negative side in our lives. So, all the media consumers should be aware of about it. This essay will be discussing three parts:…

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  • Internet Governance Essay

    Internet Governance According to WSIS, “A working definition of Internet governance is the development and application by governments, the private sector and civil society, in their respective roles, of shared principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programs that shape the evolution and use of the Internet (WSIS, 2005).” As Vint Cerf once said "There are some big issues coming. Remember governance is a very, very big word that includes law enforcement, human rights, and…

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  • Technological Challenges In Pippa Norris's Digital Divide

    Beginning in the 21st century, technology has become a vital part of society. Every day millions of people have access to their phones, computers, televisions etc. In Pippa Norris’s Digital Divide: Civic Engagement, Information Poverty and The Internet Worldwide, she sees the digital divide as a “shorthand for any and every disparity within the online community.”(4) In order to be a part of what is happening socially, economically and political in the world, one needs to access to technology.…

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  • Eye On Earth Challenges

    Eye on Earth Summit is the merging of a progression of activities done by some organisations in the last recent years that addresses the worldwide competition of expanding access to the information and data in order to support sustainable development. It addresses the pivotal significance of environmental information and systems to make decisions. It was firstly introduced in December 2011 by a partnership between the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi (EAD) and the United Nations Environment…

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  • Portland General Electric Diversity Case Study

    Some of the critical organization’s plan for managing diversity include energy efficiency, energy conservation, increased resources, renewable resources, more diversity programs and investing more in boosting the welfare of the society (Milligan, 2006). For diversity management, the organization also has plans to enhance cultural integration, managing generational difference, reducing negative environmental impacts embracing modern technology and developing leaders that can help solve future…

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  • Positive Psychology Reflective Report

    psychology the research into positive psychology has many important aspects that help towards emotions in example counselling. The target group was as if it was targeting University students to pursue a career that models itself around positive psychology. The main messages from the leaflet was to push on the fact that improving the moral character of society can get better by understanding and promoting the spiritual impulse of the subject. Positive psychology pushes on the fact that…

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  • Workplace Diversity

    They have values of team building, employee appreciation, community service and fostering a great work-life environment are all part of a multi-faceted culture employees experience for more than 60 years. Their values in diversity have a beneficial impact on their business as they can understand their clients during a life-changing event or an accident or illnesses. From this information, we could see that diversity has the important role in Aflac and their understanding of diversity helps them…

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  • Underdeveloped Higher Education

    guarding their notes” (Fromm 1979). In other words, school children play a significant role in the development of their knowledge and expansion of educational systems throughout the world. Schooling includes…

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  • Personal Privacy: How Internet Affects Communication

    across all over the world, it is possible for us to communicate with each other online (Scmp, 2010). With the emergence of instant messaging and video conferencing, it is obvious that there were no barriers for us to communicate through the internet (Scmp, 2010). Many apps also improve communication. For example, we can use What’s app, Lines, Snapchat, Tencent QQ and Wechat to contact our friends regardless of the distance. Blogs and social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter,…

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  • The Importance Of National Security In South Korea

    detection device. I am currently analyzing chlorinated toxins in coastal samples using portable Raman Spectroscopy method. Since Korea is a peninsula they also are surrounded by water which is being contaminated by these toxins because it comes from polluted runoff from industries to households. While doing that I also can be a representative for U.S. EPA if I chose to move to South Korea and help with communication between the two countries on environmental issues. I already have the experience…

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