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  • Controversial Issues In The Classroom

    valuable by students, teachers, and parents everywhere. Class discussions force students to listen, embrace, and be respectful of opinions and beliefs that are divergent to their own. As mentioned by David Bridges (1979), an author who has formerly analyzed the notion of discussion, the sharing of contrasting perspectives and beliefs that reflect the diversity of our world teaches students true acceptance and the ability to be open-minded. Both of these traits being crucial for students to acquire when living in a democratic society. Through discussions students will come to understand that the majority of people do not agree on certain matters especially on an issue such as deciding what encompasses an ideal type of society, yet it is still possible for us all to live peacefully together despite containing opposing views. Once again this is a vital concept students will need to consider as they progress throughout their educational career and life, especially those growing up in a Socialist nation. Engaging in classroom discussions also display to students the importance of diversity and uniqueness in our world which will teach them to appreciate divergent perspectives in addition to respecting them. Discussing controversial issues in the classroom often brings student’s biases to the forefront which can actually be strikingly powerful and profitable. The distribution of ideas within in a classroom challenges students’ prior assumptions or beliefs as a result of…

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  • Reflective Essay Before Attending The Public School Tournament

    Even though we were not as prepared as other students attending, we debated better than we ever had before. In our first debate we walked into the cold hotel room and sat at our appropriate table very close to our opponents. The room was silent and our judges made no remarks. Our opponents started to speak and I had a feeling of fear that shudder throughout my body. They were speaking wonderfully and I could tell that they had a lot of experience debating. Suzie did not seem phased…

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  • NBA Athletes Should Participate In Professional Sports

    The NBA has the best athletes in the sport of basketball, so to represent the United States in FIBA basketball tournament NBA athletes were allowed to compete in the 1994 world tournament, starting a new era for team USA. Presently the NBA has grown and expanded into other counties becoming a bigger brand, gaining love for the game from all over the world. However the NBA needs to limit its professional athletes participation in FIBA basketball because the risk of injuries, fatigue and…

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  • Ford Swot Analysis 2013

    B. Evaluation of the Current Situation 1. External Audit a. The Competition The level of competition within auto industry is intense. Automakers compete primarily on the basis of price, fuel economy, reliability, styling and utility. Barriers for entry are high and steady. The list of top performers includes General Motors, Toyota and Ford. General Motors (GM) has been Ford’s competitor since 1920’s. Corporation is headquartered in Detroit and operates in about 157 countries, employing close…

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  • Stone Cold Research Paper

    When one thinks of the definition of “the” champion, It would be a crime not to mention Austin 3:16. In his whole career, Steve won a total of twenty-one championship titles. In his early days in WCW (World Championship wrestling), Austin won a variety of titles. Some examples of titles he won in WCW are the WCW Television, and the WCW United States Championship titles. In WWE, Austin transformed into the iconic figure we all know and love by winning the “King Of The Ring” championship in 1995.…

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  • Oligopoly Industry Analysis

    The automotive industry is dominated by five key players General Motors, Chrysler, Ford Motor Co, Toyota Motor Co, and Honda Motor Co. The majority of the markets shares are divided up respectively between these five giants. This makes this industry an oligopoly, since not one company has full control over the market. When talking about the way profits are measure we turn to the GDP. The GDP, gross domestic product, is the total market value of all goods and service summed together in the course…

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  • The Golden Age Of Sports In The 1920's

    medal, and also won the gold medals two years after that as well. She was one of the reasons why figure skating is so popular in the Olympics today. Sonja loved to skate so much that she went to the movie companied and told them that she wanted to play parts in movies with figure skating (Greenberg 49). Another famous figure skater is Tenley Albright. She loved to skate at a very young age, but she hated to learn new things and practice. She won her first national title at age thirteen. She won…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Life In Black And White

    girl’s positions. There is nothing in between, there is no mix-and-match, there is no trading. What you come into the sport as is what you stay. Even the clothing is almost strictly binary. Only boys can wear black skates, but never white. Only girls can wear white or colored skates, but never black. In formal competition, you will almost never see a boy out of a black suit or black leggings, and you will almost never see a girl out of a white dress or skirt. Those white skates represented who I…

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  • The Accidental Celebritisation Of Caste Semenya Analysis

    such as movie stars and musicians, choose their celebrity status and take every opportunity to promote that status, including the current US election season. Others have their status thrust upon them. One such case of ascribed celebrity status is that of Caster Semenya whose celebrity status was the result of media speculation and the efforts of outside sources and with little input from Semenya, herself. In this paper I will be examining Dr Jaime Shultz’s article, ‘The accidental…

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  • La Trobe Venture Capital Case Study

    LA TROBE VENTURE CAPITAL PROGRAM La Trobe University’s envisions itself as being one of the top 300 schools internationally. To do this, it needs to improve on some aspects of its business to get a higher score from international university ranking publishers. One of the most influential publishers is the British Quacquarelli Symonds, issuer of the QS World University Rankings. The university’s QS world rank is in a steady decline from its 205th rank in 2007 to its current rank which sits just…

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