The Golden Age Of Sports In The 1920's

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The Golden Age of Sports
Many women in the 1920s and 1930s achieved greatness when they stood up to play sports. In the United States, the governing body for amateur sports and, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), supported and even encouraged women’s participation in the Olympics (Greenberg 45). During this time period, women were starting to get there rights and they wanted one of those rights to be having the ability to play sports, like the men did. In the 1900s women were allowed to participate in the Olympics, but only could enter in tennis, golf and croquet. Then during the years of 1920, 1924, and 1928 women were allowed to compete in swimming, diving, skating, skiing, tennis, horseshoe pitching, table tennis, fencing, golf, field hockey,
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They have four minutes to skate to the choice of your music. There are nine judges that are judging the skater, and they judge on style, creativity, footwork, and how well she performed her leaps and spin (The Big Event, Women’s Figure skating). One person that had a big impact on figure skating was Sonja Henie. She competed in the first winter Olympics. She was only around fifteen years old at that time. (Hasday 31). In 1928 she won the gold medal, and also won the gold medals two years after that as well. She was one of the reasons why figure skating is so popular in the Olympics today. Sonja loved to skate so much that she went to the movie companied and told them that she wanted to play parts in movies with figure skating (Greenberg 49). Another famous figure skater is Tenley Albright. She loved to skate at a very young age, but she hated to learn new things and practice. She won her first national title at age thirteen. She won a couple more events after that, and in 1952 she qualified to represent America in the Winter Olympics. She surprised everyone when she won the silver medal. She won many other completions after the Olympics, and the big one was the World Figure Skating Championship. She achieved all these titles at such a young age. This shows that she put her heart and mind into figure skating and was able to achieve many things (Hasday 62). Theresa Weld was another skater that had a big impact when she was featured in the Skating Magazine. People looked at the Magazine for many months to see that if she can do it so can you (Greenberg

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