Women's Role In Biddeford History

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In Biddeford there have been women that were well- known in many different ways, from a journalist, to mayors, to a woman who created a women's association in Biddeford. Although this person may not have done any of these things or is the most famous or well known woman in Biddeford history, she is someone I have looked up to every single day since I was born, my mom, Kerry Mariello. Although she didn't have as large impact on Biddeford history with her actions as others, she is just as inspiring and holds some of the same skills as those who did. This is why I believe she should belong in the same category as these amazing other Biddeford women.
My mom was a great athlete in her time and is currently a great coach today, earning her a spot
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Her record as a coach is 164-45-6 in her many years of coaching, having over 100 more wins than losses is an amazing accomplishment. During her tenure as a coach, she has won seven Southern Maine championships, five Western Maine championships and lastly and most importantly two state championships. She became the coach she is today due to the strong relationship she established with her coach Madeleine Goulet, another woman in the Biddeford Hall of Honor. Ms. Goulet taught the same principles of leadership to my mom, as the ones my mom is now teaching today, she is the reason why my mom does what she does successfully. Every year my mom is tasked with installing the same leadership skills that she once played with, into her young, new players. With these lessons in their minds many of her players move onto the college level and remain successful there, and in life itself. The reason why she is such a great coach is because of her will to win, her non-stop effort to make her players better and because of all the time she puts in. Just like all of the time Estelle Tatterson, a famous Biddeford journalist put into all of her articles, all of the time every Biddeford mayor has put into making their city better, or all the time Cora B. Bickford put into making and organizing a Biddeford Women's Club. All of these women did what it took to excel …show more content…
I've learned about them through many other individuals that were involved in her success, who praised her for not just her athletic ability, but also leadership. With her name written on the big board with all of the other inductees, in front of the tiger gym it allows me to see almost every day what hard work can help you achieve. This causes me to strive to be on that same board as her in my foreseeable future. With her humbleness, she has taught many, including me that the team, and winning is first before yourself, that success is earned not given and that you aren't born gifted, but is something you have to work for. Just like her, other respected women in Biddeford worked for what they wanted with years of practice, not expecting anything will magically get them what they

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