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Another 50-m free analysis...I know, don't give me a hard time, but once again, not only is it a short race, but the video often shows multiple angles. If you missed our Analysis of Florent Manaudou, don't forget to check it out.

For past race analyses, be sure to check out our race analysis page.


On the start, B. Campbell had a similar reaction time as the rest of the competition, as most of the athletes were in the 0.65-0.69 range. Now, this Underwater dolphin kick women 50 Free World Championshipsreaction time isn't too important as no correlation has been found in start performance and reaction time. The entry time was approximately 1 second, which is similar to male swimmers. S. Manuel had a entry distance of 3.09 meters. B. Campbell had a much quicker breakout time than S. Sjostrom and Kromowidjojo, as he surfaced at 3.3 seconds compared to 4.73 and 4 seconds respectively. A closer look shows Campbell only took 5 dolphin kicks compared to Kromidjojo's 9 kicks, despite starting their kick at a similar time. Sjostrom started her dolphin kick at ~1.9 seconds, an entire tenth later than Kromowidjojo and B. Campbell.
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Campbell taking 4 strokes compared to Kromowidjojo's 2 strokes. B. Campbell's time to 15-m was also ~0.2 seconds slower than Kromowidjojo.

15-25 m

From 15-25 m, B. Campbell took one less stroke than Kromowidjojo and Manuel. However, B. Campbell was still ~0.05 seconds slower to the 25-m mark compared to Kromowidjojo. At this point, B. Campbell had a distance per stroke of 1.11 meters/stroke and a stroke rate of 105.88 strokes/minute.

25-35 m

Over the next 10-m B. Campbell makes a huge move on the field, outsplitting Kromowidjojo by 0.3 seconds and Manuel by 0.2 seconds. Over this distance all the swimmers had a reduction in their distance per stroke, but B. Campbell was the only swimmer to increase her stroke rate, swimming at 115.38

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