Argumentative Essay: Why Football Is Better Than Soccer

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Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, with 3 billion adoring fans all across the globe.

However, American football is the USA’s most popular sport, with 410 million fans. Soccer is

played with a round ball, where 11 men try to kick the ball into the other team’s net, without

using their hands. Football, on the other hand, is played with an oval shaped ball, where 11 men

are given four downs to get a first down or score a touchdown, either by passing the ball or

running the ball. If they cannot do that, they have the opportunity to kick a field goal, or kick the

ball back to the opposing team, so they have the opportunity to score as well. However, a couple

things set football away from soccer. Football is better than soccer
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Another thing is that they do not

hold as many people as football stadiums do. They have seats crammed together uncomfortably,

so even if the stadium has a lot of seats, most of them are empty because people do not want to

sit closely together. To conclude, football is better than soccer because of the stadiums.

Thirdly, football is better than soccer because of the athletes. Football is one of the

toughest sports in the world. It takes many qualities to be a great football player. One of those is

speed. Some of the fastest people in the world are football players. Bo Jackson was a running

back in the 1980 's, and currently holds the NFL 's fastest hand recorded 40 yard dash time of 4.12

seconds, which is blazing fast for any athlete. Another trait they need to have to be strong. At the

NFL Combine, a series of workouts for players to better their chances of getting drafted by an

NFL team, players have to be able to bench press 225 pounds as many times as they can.

Football players, especially offensive and defensive linemen, have to be extremely strong to be

able to be amazing football players. Another trait players need to have is great knowledge
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Even though soccer players

have to be in good shape, they do not have to be in the same shape as football players. Soccer

players have to be able to kick the ball long distances, which is not that difficult. Soccer players

run around for a long period of time, but their running is not as fast-paced as football is. Also,

soccer games last almost twice as long as football games do. A half in a soccer game is equal to

almost a full football game. This can account for why soccer players get tired faster than football

players do. To summarize, football is better than soccer because of the athletes.

To finalize, football is better than soccer because of the physical contact, the extravagant

stadiums, and the awe-inspiring athletes. In football, there are mind-blowing hits that make you

hurt to watch, while in soccer, people only get knocked to the ground. There are also much

fancier football stadiums than soccer stadiums. As well as that, there are much better athletes in

football than in soccer, considering football players have to be faster and stronger than soccer

players do. According to ESPN, there are more professional football players in the US,

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