The Importance Of Professional Athletes In Basketball

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The NBA has the best athletes in the sport of basketball, so to represent the United States in FIBA basketball tournament NBA athletes were allowed to compete in the 1994 world tournament, starting a new era for team USA. Presently the NBA has grown and expanded into other counties becoming a bigger brand, gaining love for the game from all over the world. However the NBA needs to limit its professional athletes participation in FIBA basketball because the risk of injuries, fatigue and distractions to players and their impending NBA season. Earlier there were no issues with NBA player’s involvement in FIBA basketball but overtime with recent advances in sports medicine and an increase in games to the NBA season the NBA should not allow players to be involve in FIBA basketball, to protect players and the NBA the brand. FIBA basketball world cup is an international basketball competition held every four years in selected countries, it involves 24 of …show more content…
For instance one of the NBA’s emerging young superstar, Paul George, while playing an exhibition game suffered a “horrific leg injury” (Berger) on August 1, 2014, impacting his future and career as a basketball player. While injuries can occur in any situation FIBA basketball played a part in Paul George’s injury on the basketball court. The fact that the stanchion on the court was two feet and two inches closer to the baseline compared to the ones used in NBA arenas it limited the landing space under the basket for George, resulting in his leg getting stuck and momentum caring him in the opposite direction fracturing his right tibia and fibula. George broke his leg in two places ending his 2014-2015 season and ruining his team and fans chances of winning a NBA title because he’s a key component for the success of his

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