College Athletes Should Be Paid To Play

Jim Putman & Aubrey Badlam
ENGL101- Prof. Yu

“College Athletes Should Be Paid To Play”

One of the biggest debates in sports is whether college athletes also referred to, as student-athletes” should be paid to play their sport. Since its inception in 1906, the National Collegiate Athletes Association (NCAA) has limited the amount that a student-athlete can be compensated. The opinions that we express for paying student-athletes are formulated on the basis of paying Division I and II students for their efforts on the field of play. The NCAA is currently comprised of the following distinct athletic divisions: Division I: Larger schools with larger athletic budgets and athletic department support. Comprised of 32 athletic conferences.
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It should also be stated that student-athletes receive free academic counseling, nutrition advice, world class coaching, strength and fitness training and medical support. An economist would equate this to earning pay for what they do. According to a Forbes Magazine surveys have estimated that all of this coaching and training is worth between $50,000 and $125,000 per year depending on the sport and university (Forbes). In tuition alone a student-athlete earns on average $15,000 per year. Not all students are so lucky. Student-athletes are not …show more content…
It was through diligent research on the subject and becoming aware of the business that college athletics has become that we both reached the conclusion that student-athletes deserve to be compensated for their efforts in their sport of choice. Yes, student-athletes receive a scholarship and the opportunity for an education that most people would love to have. But they also spend an inordinate amount of time crafting their minds and bodies to the rigors of playing their particular sport while trying to meet NCAA requirements and getting an education. Not all college athletes will go on to be drafted into the professional ranks of their sport and make millions of dollars per year playing the sport they love. The NCAA and a large percentage of Division I and II programs make huge profits through their sport departments. The thinking that the student-athlete is paid through their education is archaic. Something needs to be done to reform the NCAAs 19th century way of thinking such as developing a revenue sharing program for student-athletes. Would you want to earn 15¢ for a $1 of work? No, neither would we. So we are convinced that college athletes should be paid to

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