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  • End Our Love Affair With Cheap Fashion Analysis

    environment and the human being that live within, one is able to examine the type relationship in place between nature and the creatures of the world. One would say that the environment’s role is that of a provider which includes its different facets of air, water and earth with humanity as the dependent one. However, complexity arrives as the ever growing population exceeds the limited resources available in the environment. In addition, the mentality of self-interest within humanity…

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  • Right To Full Access To Healthy Life Essay

    enable healthy lives. I use the word “should” in lieu of “do” because in the world we live in now, access to a healthy life is seen as a privilege instead of a right. To dissect this topic further, a basic understanding of a “healthy life” must be defined. A healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle that, “...includes not smoking, eating a healthful diet, exercising, and maintaining optimal bodyweight” (Gorelick 904). Most of the world, does not fit into the category of being privileged, which ensures…

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  • How Does Overpopulation Affect The Environment

    things as well. It is like a chain reaction. One thing affects another thing, which affects another thing, and that thing affects another thing. First of all, what is Overpopulation and how does it occur? Overpopulation occurs when a species has a population larger than the ecosystem can support. Resources become limited and drastic measures have to be made. However the food chains can help with overpopulation. Often times, overpopulation…

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  • Essay On Impact Of People Activities On Environment

    longer as productive as it was initially. The activities of man have resulted to the condition we are in now. The population on Earth, both for man and animals, has increased. Land and other resources continually decline; in productivity and quality. The sustainability of the current and the future generations is largely compromised. Actually, if the trend as far as the environment, population and productivity are concerned continues, survival on earth will continually be shortened. This work…

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  • The Advantage Of Water

    of water is quite precisely present in everything mankind does (Fishman 2). From human body, to the cup of coffee we drink every morning, to the transportation we use, it all requires the work of water. Certainly, the exponential growth of the world population is causing a huge impact to water depletion too. Not only we need water and air to survive, we also need food which consumes nearly 70 percent of water usage and becomes the number one water user (Maxwell and Yates 54). Here are some fun…

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  • Water And Climate Change

    Closing in the present age, the human population expands exponentially and the natural resources that come from the earth decrease as its consumption continues. To this day, over 7 billion people now live on the earth after billions of years ago where no beings have existed back then. With countless secrets of the planet, the application…

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  • Sustainable Intensification

    There are many problems in the world but we must first focus on the question we are wondering about before making a final solution and hopefully solving or decreasing the problem to an appropriate level. The question is “Can we feed everyone equally”? “Everyone” is referring to the worldwide population and “equally” is focusing on sufficient nutrients and calories. Yes, I believe we can feed everyone equally but in order to do this we must focus and solve our poverty problem by improving…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Spreading Knowledge To The Community

    communities. Just think, it has to start somewhere with someone; and that somewhere and someone could be you and me right here at Pfeiffer. If you try to start at the broad scale of the total world population, which is over 7 billion now, you might seek triumph but in the end feel crushed. You cannot make the world better as a whole starting with trying to change everybody but if you work towards spreading knowledge to the community they can help you make a bigger impact in other places to start…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Heart Glove

    would help the human race. Scientists should not pursue the Electronic Heart Glove because it would cause over population, decrease in food supply, and an up rise in financial problems. There are countless reasons as to why they should not pursue the Electronic Heart Glove, but there are three reasons that stand out from the rest. One reason is because it would cause global over population. The people of Earth have been struggling with overpopulation since the beginning of globalization. For…

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  • Adapting Successfully Essay

    when given circumstances such as population growth, innovation, natural events, and human events, can humans still adapt successfully? I believe wholeheartedly that a person can learn all that is necessary to be an independent and responsible member of the culture before he or she dies. The world changes extremely fast and it seems as more and more time goes on,…

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