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  • Why Is It Important To The Environment

    serious threats to the environment and the sustainability to human civilization. Population dynamics plays a big role in how our world has changed and continues to change. From 1750-1950, the population of the world stayed about the same and never had much of an incline. In the past 50 years, the world has experienced an extraordinary increase in population…

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  • Threat Of Global Diets

    fertile land, energy resources and access to fresh water. (1) The World Health organisation has recorded its concern of ‘the number of malnourished people ever recorded in history’, i n the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (9/03). This is in part due to the population growth in the world, and the declining availability of land, water and energy resources.’ (2) The major threat to the future survival of the human population this article…

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  • Ishmael Reflection Essay

    captivity. It gave me a new prospective of how in some ways I would be considered conformed to the world based of “Mother Culture” ideas. It made me feel guilty that despite everything I have done and learned in relation to the environment my humanistic values may be contradicting it. I had to take a step back couple of times reading the novel to correlate it with my own personal values, the way I saw the world, and the very foundation of the world’s educational systems and beliefs. Throughout…

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  • Listeria Vs Ebola

    As a world's population explodes exponentially, various nations around the world remain looking for ways to grow their economy. Moreover, these nations remain looking for ways to feed their population. Unfortunately, developing nations such as Haiti do not have the resources to adequately feed their population. Therefore, these nations remain dependent on other nations for help. In addition to lacking the necessary resources, these countries also face an increased risk of attracting viruses such…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

    in the world’s population. Many viewpoints on this debate exist, and two views in particular contradict each other. These viewpoints include those of Garret Hardin and Julian L. Simon. Hardin’s view is expressed in “The Tragedy of the Commons,” and Simon’s in “More People, Greater Wealth, More Resources, Healthier Environment.” Each debates problems and solutions of the growing population, including the use of natural resources in order to supply the world’s growing population. Hardin…

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  • Themes In Air Raid By John Varley

    eventually Earth, no matter what is done will no longer be able to accommodate human life causing the need to expand beyond. Science fiction stories such as “2BRØ2B” by Kurt Vonnegut in which humans have tried to created a utopia by controlling the population to the point where someone must volunteer to die in order for someone else to live. Also “Air Raid” by John Varley which tells the story of people from the future who are snatching humans from the past to live on a faraway planet in order…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Space Shuttle

    enough room and resources for over 7 billion people, especially for those who do not contribute to the success of our race. The illiterate and poor civilians, of not only our country, but the world, are stealing the time and money from the educated that hinders their success in the world. To save the world from imminent failure, drastic measures must be made to eliminate the problem of ignorance. I propose that the government increases funding for NASA to create a space shuttle that can hold as…

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  • What Is Overpopulation In Ishmael

    mention the utter destruction of the world. Their dismal outlooks on the future are often accompanied by generic solution such as; “Recycle”, “Ride a bike”, etc. The novel Ishmael by Daniel Quinn the contains the same “Disaster!” message but is accompanied by many unorthodox solutions to the problems which Quinn identifies. One problem addressed is overpopulation. Quinn leaves the solution up to the reader through a binary moral dilemma: sustain the excess population and maintain the problem,…

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  • Sacrifice And Evolution In 2boo2b By Kurt Vonnegut

    Evolution is an amazing thing. But is it so amazing that because of it the human race has come to a maximum population for the world? And when a child is born, someone has to sacrifice themselves in order for that child to live? This world has evolved so much that scientists have found a cure for aging and people no longer grow old or die from any natural causes. The short story 2BRO2B by Kurt Vonnegut, is about sacrifice and evolution and reveals that when we, as human beings, evolve it will…

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  • End Our Love Affair With Cheap Fashion Analysis

    environment and the human being that live within, one is able to examine the type relationship in place between nature and the creatures of the world. One would say that the environment’s role is that of a provider which includes its different facets of air, water and earth with humanity as the dependent one. However, complexity arrives as the ever growing population exceeds the limited resources available in the environment. In addition, the mentality of self-interest within humanity…

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