Sacrifice And Evolution In 2boo2b By Kurt Vonnegut

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Evolution is an amazing thing. But is it so amazing that because of it the human race has come to a maximum population for the world? And when a child is born, someone has to sacrifice themselves in order for that child to live? This world has evolved so much that scientists have found a cure for aging and people no longer grow old or die from any natural causes. The short story 2BRO2B by Kurt Vonnegut, is about sacrifice and evolution and reveals that when we, as human beings, evolve it will lead to us making sacrifices we wouldn’t make unless it was the last possible option.
Every bad situation has been solved and no one has to worry about dying anymore. Everybody continues to live until they decide that they don’t want to any longer. When
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In a world where at a certain point adventurous activities are considered dying, then people are sacrificing their will to live life to the fullest because they already have. Once someone has been living for one hundred and twenty years, they must’ve done everything that is out there in the world. When deciding who is going to die, either a baby or a person who has already lived long enough it, becomes a choice of who will survive. The child who has a long road ahead of them, or a person who has lived long enough but isn’t quite ready to head to the ‘catbox’. The father makes the biggest sacrifice in this story. His own life and two others. The two he killed weren’t ready to go but that didn’t matter because the decision to kill them was already made. When human beings evolve so much, sacrifices must be made. Decisions by some affect others. The actions made now will affect life in the future. This story has population control because at some point the amount of people on earth was more than anyone could handle. A system was created because there were not enough supplies for everyone. Kurt Vonnegut is saying how if we don’t control population now, then life will eventually be made to where large sacrifices like the ones in 2BRO2B are possible. Evolution cannot be stopped, but sacrifices made by that evolution can

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