Pros And Cons For Industrial Farming

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An Argument for Industrial Farming
The world’s population is projected to reach nine billion people by 2050. More concerning is the fact the future global population growth is projected to be concentrated in parts of the world already experiencing difficulties feeding its current populations, including parts of Latin America, Africa and South Asia (Bowman 2007). Industrial farming and its enhanced methods are the only way will be able to feed the world’s population in the coming years. The traditional and the so-called sustainable farming methods cannot produce enough food to feed the rapidly growing world population. Industrial farming and the technologies that enable mass food production are the key to food security and the key to preventing food shortages and starvation, especially in the poor parts of the world. Despite its many disadvantages, industrial farming and the use of technology such as biotechnology is the only means to food security and preventing starvation.
Like any human development, industrial farming comes with many disadvantages and advantages. The greatest
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But this dramatic increase in land usage is due to the increasing world population. In addition, while it is true that pesticides and chemicals are used in industrial farming, the usage of these chemicals are necessary again to feed a growing population and the usage of these fertilizers and chemicals are highly regulated, reducing their risks to the environment. While family farms and sustainable methods of farming are friendlier, they cannot possibly produce enough food to feed the world’s growing population. With better care and technology advancement, the risks of industrial farming and be further

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