The Importance Of Access To A Healthy Life

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Prompt: Do all human beings have the right to full access to opportunities that enable healthy lives? Make sure to discuss what a "healthy life" entails

Human beings should have the right to full access to opportunities that enable healthy lives. I use the word “should” in lieu of “do” because in the world we live in now, access to a healthy life is seen as a privilege instead of a right. To dissect this topic further, a basic understanding of a “healthy life” must be defined. A healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle that, “...includes not smoking, eating a healthful diet, exercising, and maintaining optimal bodyweight” (Gorelick 904). Most of the world, does not fit into the category of being privileged, which ensures access to basic necessities
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Another factor includes the environment that one lives in. According to the office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, a factors that diminish a healthy environment includes “Exposure to hazardous substances in the air, water, soil, and food, Natural and technological disasters, Physical hazards” present in an environment (DPHP). A clean and healthy environment would help promote access to clean drinking water because a clean environment would encourage improving groundwater quality, as a result the two go hand in hand. The right to a healthy environment includes, “The identification of a separate, independent human right, not dependent on the existing protected rights recognized in the international covenants” (Atapattu 73). This statement expresses the importance of having access to a healthy environment up to the point that it should be assigned its own category. Combining it with other human rights might lead it to be overlooked by a large population of individuals; however, the importance of access to a healthy environment is emphasized when the issue is presented on its own.. The importance of a clean environment is further emphasized in other important issues of human rights as Atapattu states, “...While the highest human accorded to a person is the right to life, that right could be meaningless if the environment in which the person is living is so degraded that, in effect, the right to life is threatened” (Atapattu 69). In essence, any human right may be close to the point of invalidation without the presence of a healthy environment. This problem could be solved by organizing clean-up initiatives in non-industrialized nations though such organization could be very difficult in countries that are stricken by war. In my own opinion, I think that the access to a healthy environment is something that many people don’t

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