Essay On Healthy People 2020

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The Healthy People 2020 initiative has made it possible for our society to have a longer, better quality of life through access to healthcare services. The obstacles our society had to face to attain this have been the inability to gain proper access into the healthcare system, the lack of insurance coverage, and the overall prevention of the disease. These obstacles have affected certain ethnic backgrounds, races, and education. The low-income persons are usually those who lack the necessary insurance coverage. Through education, diseases could be prevented. A decade ago, the Healthy 2010 initiative was focused on maintaining a better quality of life particularly for those with certain ethnic backgrounds, race, and education. It seemed that based on these factors, incidents of illness, disease, and mortality rate where higher in non-whites. Williams and Jackson (2005) states, “Death rates from coronary heart disease were comparable for blacks and whites in 1950, but by 2000, blacks had a death rate that …show more content…
Some might say that the insurance provided to our society through the Affordable Care Act is expensive and they do not purchase it. They have valid reasons, such as, having low incomes or believe it is an unnecessary expense. This constant cycle leads to the health disparity of our society effecting low-income persons, which leads back to the inability to access health services. Even though our society has come a long way and made great strides, some important issues are not being addressed. What we need is more emphasis by our government to maintain a healthier lifestyle through health education. It starts from the beginning. If we know how to prevent illnesses and/or take better care of ourselves, then our society has a better chance to attain longevity of life and preventable diseases. The opportunities provided through Healthy People 2020 have made access to health services more of a reality than years

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