Essay On Easy Access To Health Care

Some people have easy access to health care while, others are in difficulties to get insurance or health care depending on their race, gender and economics status. “Reform advocates have emphasized the growing number of uninsured Americans, now estimated at forty-seven million and also a manifestation of a failed system”.2 Health care is a basic human right and anybody living in the United States must have access to health care and services when they need help. Health care is a basic human right and anybody living in the United States should have easy access to insurance. Liberty and autonomy are very important for Americans.1 If this a country of equality, and everybody has the same rights, people should be treated equally and have easy access without regarding their socio economics status or their race and be taken care when they do not feel good or are sick.
People believe that Americans should have easy access to health care, and that it should be at least affordable for them even if their job is less profitable.2 There should not be any kinds of discriminations. Healthcare should be equitable because with this, a lot of people will be able to get help when they are sick, and if they have better access to insurance, they will be able to avoid a lot of
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The government should do some reform to provide insurance to everybody. The all- payer system should be adopted by the government. This system diminishes the cost of insurance and people could be able to afford it and also improve their health.3 For example, in Europeans countries they use this system and it functions correctly and people receive all the care they need. Also people think that the more they are uninsured, the more it is costly, because when they are sick they cannot afford the hospital price, and they take the over the counter drugs, and when their disease get worse, they need more serious care, and this cost more to the

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