Health Care Persuasive Essay

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Health care affects us all whether we like it or not. Health care is a very controversial topic because many are not happy with the new “Obama care” coverage due to the fact that it requires state funding. Some tax payers do not feel they should be responsible for paying for people who need health coverage. Individuals that go long periods of time without regular check-ups are at risk for medical conditions that require serious extensive medical treatment. Personally, I believe that everyone should have affordable health care coverage. Prior to doing to reading about health care I was aware that medical treatment are extremely high. Having my own health care coverage through my employer I noticed annual check-ups are without a co-pay and …show more content…
Those that have high income amounts don’t have to worry about how much their health care coverage and copays are costing them monthly. In fact, the upper class are a big part of those that oppose the Obama care. They must think why should I be responsible for paying their health care, I went out and made a living for myself, so can’t the! The people that oppose the Obama care are usually those that place the blame on the individuals rather than the system. Living in a world where we are able to live longer in a healthier state of mind and body it seems discriminatory to not have affordable care. According to Johnson and Rhodes low income food markets have less fresh produce (p. 150). I could not agree more. When I go into places like Price Rite, Save -a- lot, and Aldi’s versus Shaws and Stop and Shop the quality difference is dramatic. In fact, I only buy my fruits and veggies from Shaw’s or Stop and Shop because of how fresh they are. There are farmer’s markets that are available to particularly low income families, but it’s very rare for many to be available all year round. Poor food choices lead’s to being unhealthy and in return leads to more doctor’s office visits and hospitalization. It’s an unfortunate vicious cycle. Without affordable health care we are allowing those that need treatment to suffer.

In conclusion,

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