Argumentative Essay On Health Care Reform

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Health care reform is one of the most controversial topics in the United States because so many people in the country cannot afford health care or may not have the right amount of coverage for certain conditions. The health care system is flawed in that it produces financial and political displeasure in Americans because of expensive plans and rejection of Medicaid expansion to politically break the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”). Health care reform would be a positive change in this country because it will improve the issues of unreliable health insurance plans, the absence of healthcare awareness educators, and expensive healthcare for seniors.
By the year 2015, it will be mandatory that all citizens of the United States have health insurance
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This fact most likely suggests that medical costs are too high and the government actions are not satisfying the matter. Through leadership and partnership of healthcare professionals, the public can have a better understanding of the way they can achieve affordable and exceptional healthcare. The issue of the ignorance of the topic of health care reform has risen because many professionals are not doing their jobs and taking the initiative to inform patients on the cost of medical appointments and even the costs of the medications they are prescribing. The people of the United States need to understand the importance of public support or the advocacy of health care reform. Health educators play the biggest role in health care advocacy because they possess the ability to inform others on how the government’s policies impact public health. In contrast, health educators pay the minimum amount of involvement, which could explain the reason many people are not aware of the government’s involvement in health care (Bliss). In order for there to become a positive change in the health care industry, citizens should become more aware the health care

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