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  • The Role Of Judge Danforth In The Crucible

    Ever been accused of something that you didn't do? During the year 1692 to 1693 The city of Salem helds the witchcraft trials. In "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, The people of Salem were falsely accused of witchcraft due to Abigail Williams and many girls who say that they had seen people with the devil.Many of the people were hunted or stoned due to having connections with the devil. So Judge Danforth came to town to cleanse the town. But Judge Danforth just wanted to get out there and whoever…

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  • How Did Mary Shelley's Life Influence Her Writing

    Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was an outstanding writer that to this day many still read her novels and short stories. She is recognized as the daughter of the famous and extraordinary writer Mary Wollstonecraft and a well-known novelist and political philosopher William Godwin (Poetry Foundation 1). She recounts to never have thought of writing, but in fact inherited the talent from her parents, and became an extraordinary author as well. Shelley was mainly influenced to write for the terrible…

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  • Who Is To Blame In The Crucible

    this event to drag it out like Abigail Williams. Later in the play, Reverend Hale comes along and only seemed to make the situation worse. Lastly, Mary Warren started strong, but soon gave in to Abigail’s pressure and began blaming others. Therefore, in The Crucible Abigail Williams, Reverend Hale, and Mary Warren are largely at fault for the tragedy in Salem. To begin, one of the people most responsible for the continuation of the trials is Abigail Williams. Abigail starts with the lies…

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  • Mary Shelly's Influence In Her Writing

    Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was born August 30, 1797 in London England. She was a english romantic writer with a hint of goth. She was the only child of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft. (Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley). Mary Shelley’s parents are a strong influence in her writing as well as husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her most famous work, Frankenstein is a classic that is still read today in schools and seen in pop culture. Childhood was a little different for Mary being the only child…

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  • Examples Of Persecution In The Crucible

    being beaten again, she lists two other women she “saw” with the devil himself. Sarah Good and Sarah Osburne. Abigail Williams, former servant to the Proctors, told the girls that if they told the truth, there would be consequences. John Proctor tells Mary Warren, current servant to the Proctors, to do just that. John takes her to the courthouse and pushes her to tell the truth. After Mary has told the…

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  • The Role Of Reputation In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    In “The Crucible”, some of the characters are worried more about their reputation than the truth. Them being worried about how others view them affects the way that they act. Reverend Parris, Abigail Williams, and Mary Warren show these traits the most. Reverend Parris, who gets “ possessed” but Reverend Parris doesn't want anyone to know. In the play, Reverend Parris found the girls dancing and chanting in the woods. Because Parris would hate for his reputation to be ruined, he never…

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  • How To Judge People In Frankenstein

    have people heard the saying ¨don 't judge a book by its cover¨? This common phrase teaches a meaningful lesson. Everyone, one point in their life, has judged something based on its appearance, whether they judged something from food to people. In Mary Shelley 's novel ¨Frankenstein¨ she shows how judging and neglecting someone by their appearance affects their mind in a negative way. The theme of Frankenstein teaches to not judge or alienate someone before getting to know them because it…

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  • Mary Warren: Accused Of Witchcraft

    Mary Warren is one of the Salem girls that was being accused of witchcraft. She was a “seventeen [year old], subservient, naive, lonely girl” (Miller 17). She was accused of being involved in witchcraft by being with Abigail Williams and the other two girls she hung out with. Mary Warren was not a witch it was just the people that accused her of being one that made other people start to actually believe that she was a witch. For example, Mary Warren was one of the girls that was dancing in the…

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  • Abigail Williams Blame

    Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, Abigail Williams is most to blame in the Salem witch trials. She was an orphan that lived in Salem, Massachusetts with her uncle, reverend Pairrs, and her cousin, Betty Parris. She was seventeen years old and the leader of the group of girls in Salem. Miller demonstrated that it was Abigail William’s flaws - Dishonestly, Lust, and vengefulness – that led her to be most responsible for the tragedy of the witch-hunt in Salem. Abigail shows dishonesty almost…

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  • The Crucible Abby Williams Character Analysis

    Although Abby Williams and Reverend Parris in The Crucible seem…

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