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  • John Peter Zenger's Fight For Freedom

    We study history so we don’t forget that. An example of this fight for freedom is exemplified by the case of John Peter Zenger. His contribution was that the press became free to print truthful allegations to those in power. John Zenger’s decision to fight for his right to print accusations of those in power at his own risk have had a significant impact on what the United States is today. John Zenger was born in Germany during 1697 and moved to New York in 1710. He eventually began printing for The New York Weekly Journal in Manhattan. In 1733, Zenger printed scathing articles about the current royal governor of New York, Governor William Cosby. The governor was unliked and corrupt. Accused of several thing, the biggest two were rigging elections and removing the Chief Justice of New York for deciding a case against him. First, Cosby is a royal governor, so he was appointed, not elected, that alone gave him the enmity of the people. However, the crimes he committed are about as anti democratic as it gets. At the time, a newspaper printing negative articles about a royal governor was a criminal offence, and Zenger was immediately thrown in jail to wait for a trial. Zenger, one of the few printers at the time, had no need to print these stories. He knew they were risky, and he did not even write them. He kept the authors names hidden at all times, throughout his jailing and throughout his trial. So, why print the stories? Well, he likely sold more newspapers at…

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  • John Peter Zenger Trial Analysis

    Zenger Trial The Trial of John Peter Zenger was a momentous event that not only impacted the colonies and questioned the act of seditious libeling but also brought about the new notion of freedom of speech in the press. His courage and daring determination to challenge someone in such a imperative place of power was an inspiring moment to the people of the colonies and overseas in Great Britain. John Peter Zenger was a German Born, American Printer and Journalist who started the New York…

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  • 'East Of Eden' By John Steinbeck: Character Analysis

    In the novel East of Eden by John Steinbeck, the author claims that someone can only deem other people good or evil based on their actions after they have died. People in society blindlessly judge those who are dead based on what they want to remember, not by what important actions were committed. John Steinbeck’s statement is not true, you can also look upon the deeds they committed during their lives and the way they affected the morals of people around them. Examples that could be reviewed…

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  • The Cosby Show Analysis

    The Cosby Show is a positive image of African American television show compared to other television shows representing negative image of racial discrimination an example, is The Jefferson’s. The viewer’s acknowledges that the show avoided racial issues and existence of stereotypical African American middle-class family on television. The Huxtable family show made it a reality that a person could be able to follow their American dream and that hard work does pay off. In the 1970 to the 1980s the…

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  • Stereotypes In The Cosby Show

    As a child, my favorite thing to watch on TV was The Cosby Show. When the show was on, I was a Huxtable. And in reality, I was still pretty damn close to being a Huxtable. I was the youngest child of a black, upper middle-class family that resided in New York. My parents both had post-graduate degrees – in fact my father, like Heathcliff Huxtable, was a good-humored physician. Just like the Huxtables, we were a nuclear family of seven: two cis-gendered married parents with five spirited children…

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  • Essay On Cb's Early Tv Strategy

    excessive and dominant style (integrated into the narrative, also evident in the previous examples) functioned in order to attract a niche audience and compete with the increasingly successful cable channels. 6) Between the 1950s and 1960s the depiction of families on television transformed, as was evident in the comparison for The Cosby Show of the 1980s and Roseanne of the 1990s. Like other family other family sitcoms of the 1980s, The Cosby Show was a domestic sitcom centered on an…

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  • Neo Marxism In The Cosby Show

    Neo-Marxist Analysis: An in-depth look into The Cosby Show The Cosby Show was a show for all families to watch; it was a show in which captivated the homes of many families. According to The New York Times, “What’s more, it revived the sitcom on new terms. ‘The Cosby Show’ is often more credited for breaking new ground in the media visibility of African-Americans, laying track for later shows…” (Flanagin. Jake, “Why ‘The Cosby Show’ Still Matters” 2014, P. 1). Also according to the website,…

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  • Unforgiven Movie Analysis

    The dynamics within a group can change depending on who has the most power. In the film Unforgiven, certain characters take up a leadership role in their specific group. Set in the town of Big Whiskey, a pair of cowboys starts trouble when they cut up a prostitute named Delilah. Since they were not given a fair punishment for their crime, the group of prostitutes, led by Alice, decides to take revenge into their own hands. A reformed killer, Will Munny, decides to go after he cowboys with his…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Pay To Play In Public Schools

    To Purchase a Position Bill Cosby had said "All around the United States of America - in the cities and the counties - our public education is suffering and has been suffering. Cuts, cuts, cuts." The truth behind this quote is that public education has become financially unstable. Dr. Scott Smith, an assistant professor at Central Michigan University, said “When the school budget has a problem, the athletic budget has a problem.” (Cerling and Herman). Cuts are being made to the…

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  • Stereotypes In Marriage

    Whether you watch television, movies, listen to music, or eve play a video game; women or demoralized through how they are treated or portrayed. Movies and television portray women in a way that they are sexual objects for men. Back to the television of my childhood, you didn’t have any naked scenes and in most cases that included men not taking their shirts off. Take the time and think back to the Walton’s, Little House on the Prairie, or even more recent The Cosby Show. I do not remember…

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