William Edward Parry

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  • The Importance Of Knowledge Does Not Equal Wisdom

    For if one can see or feel something, how can it not exist. This is why people so often say the phrase, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Because for us anything we detect with our eyes is real. However, this is not always the case considering that, as with everything else, our senses are not perfect. As a result of this imperfection, they can be deceived. An example of this provided by Schultz is that of Sailors being deceived by mirages. John Ross on an expedition for the English royal navy, went in search of a northwest passage. Upon arriving at its predicted location however, he found that there was a mountain range where the passage should be. William Parry, Ross’s…

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  • Ullman And Woolman

    The name Ullman and Woolman were interchangeable throughout the years, however, Woolman became the preferred spelling for Thomas and his family, from the time of his leaving the family home in Foley and moving to Parry Sound proper on his marriage to Rebecca on January 28, 1880. There he started out as the near ubiquitous lumberman and a new dad. Edith was born just a comfortable nine months later on November 13, 1880. It was too tough a go for him in the mills and he uprooted his family and…

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  • Killbear Park Research Paper

    there is the other story about how he died — by being killed by a bear north of Parry Sound resulting in naming Killbear Park after the bear. (The naming of this park, from Killbear Point, is more likely named from the Objiwe Mukwa-Nayosh meaning 'Bear Kill '. In conformation the 1866 map of McDougall Twp has the peninsula labelled as Kill Bear Point.) There is a resolution to the above curious and confusing information. The tombstone is correct and the census information is wrong, Killbear…

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  • Conger Lumber Company Case Study

    Sept 19) after the mill fire, they issued the following: Messrs Mitchell and McDonald of Blackstone Lake wish to express their deep appreciation for the able assistance given by residents in the vicinity during their recent fire which destroyed their mill and a large quantity of ties. The prompt response of the Parry Sound fire brigade resulted in the saving of a considerable quantity of ties and the company desires to express their thanks to the brigade for their good work. Thomas Jr 's respect…

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  • Comparison: Zachariah And Washington

    The naming of William, Zachariah 's first son is how Zachariah would honour the man who had been good to him as a slave and to the man who had set him free. Zachariah had only the best of intents and hopes in giving William the middle name Ernest. He would name the rest of his sons after himself (as a second name only as was the Watts tradition), Annabella 's father, her grandfather and John Patterson but most importantly after all (with one exception) of William Watts brothers, Zachariah 's…

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  • Blackstone River Case Study

    A series of make shift dams and flumes are in place on the Blackstone River as it heads towards Blackstone Harbour from Crane used to control the log jams and to get the lumber up to Parry Sound. Also the river between Crane and Blackstone already had its first of several dams placed midway on its length. The Conger Lumber Co. operates throughout the area as the century headed towards its end. Other private interest companies such as Rankin Bros. subcontracting with Conger Lumber and later the…

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  • Blackstone Lake

    Lake starts with the stories and biographies of the settlers that tamed and worked the land surrounding the lake. As they did so, a historical framework of personalities, knowledge of the of the lake and a system of morals developed. I started out to answer what seemed to be some major questions to ask the archives and of history itself. They being the origins of each settler, why they or their ancestors came to Canada, and then to Ontario if not directly and why and when they came to the Parry…

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  • Picture Of The Scorpion Analysis

    Edward Abbey's Great American Desert Environmentalist and desert-lover, Edward Abbey in his essay “The Great American Desert” warns readers about the perilous dangers of the American deserts while simultaneously stirring curiosity about these fascinating ecosystems. He both invites and dissuades his readers from visiting the deserts of North America through the use of humor and sarcasm. In this essay, he is rhetorically successful in arguing that the open spaces of the undeveloped deserts…

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  • The Illegal Operation Analysis

    The Illegal Operation an Essential Contribution to Social Protest/Affirmation This paper will focus on the sculpture, The Illegal Operation (1962) by Edward Kienholz. The assemblage sculpture can be found on the second floor of the Ahmanson Building at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Although understated at first, this sculpture deals with the taboo practice of abortions regulated in the 1960’s. In this paper I will discuss why this sculpture would make a good contribution to our textbook,…

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  • Edward Scissorhands Analysis Essay

    Tim Burton’s beautifully haunting production of ‘Edward Scissorhands’ introduces our protagonist, represented by Johnny Depp, and explores the fictional story of this solitary boy with an unfortunate seemingly threatening oddity, being thrust into a world where he is glaringly blatant in the midst of the suburbs. Despite his intimidating exterior, it is almost immediately exposed that Edward is just an innocent, childlike soul, intent on serving others. The purpose of this film was to delve into…

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