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  • Example Of Perseverance In Frankenstein

    Remorse and Rebirth Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a novel that has had massive cultural and societal impact, in a variety of genres and aspects of our life. At its core, it acts as both a cautionary tale, warning against playing around with things beyond your understanding, as well as a story about responsibility and redemption. It stresses the importance of taking responsibility for your actions and taking ownership of your mistakes, and therein working to correct those. Many of the themes and morals presented in Frankenstein are also portrayed in a much more concise format in William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus”, a poem about perseverance and self-governance in the face of incredible hardship and agony. Both pieces show part…

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  • Invictus Comparison

    At some point in the numerous journeys we embark on, we hit an obstacle and we feel all hope is lost. Sometimes we give up before any progress, and sometimes we give up right before we make it to the finish line, despite putting in so much effort to achieve it. Through Invictus by William Ernest Henley and If by Rudyard Kipling, it is shown that “if you can keep your head”, “yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it”. Both texts insinuate that success comes from commitment and a true sense…

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  • Racial Discrimination In Invictus By William Earnest Henley

    Whether it be a struggle through racial discrimination, bullying, or simply being under a foul circumstance, most people have felt persecuted, or singled out at some point in their lifetime by nature. Some may choose to roll over and let their torturers win, allow them to break their spirit and prevent them from achieving what they truly want, but in Invictus by William Earnest Henley, the story of the former is told. The story of a man ravaged by tuberculosis, someone who had already lost one…

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  • Humor In Oscar Wilde's The Importance Of Being Earnes

    disregarded. Wilde shows how both Jack and Algernon lead the "double life" in order to avoid responsibility: Jack uses the excuse of visiting an older brother named Ernest and Algernon pretends he is visiting his sick friend Bunbury in the country. Both protagonists have made up these characters so they can escape from social and moral obligations. Jack's act of using a fictional brother as an excuse is far more hypocritical than Algernon's as although both characters are pretending to be…

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  • Dean Corll Case Summary

    Dean Corll recruited two teenagers David Brooks and Wayne Henley, to help him commit: abduction, rape, torture and murder of young boys from the Houston Heights area. The victims were invited to parties by David and Wayne, there they were given drugs and alcohol and tied to a torture board. Dean destructively, castrated, emasculated, sodomized and mutilated his victims. The Houston Police Department had listed the boys as "runaway" children. This allowed Dean and his accomplices to continue…

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  • Theme Of Fate In Julius Caesar

    front of Caesars power not because of destiny, but because of their failure to proclaim themselves. Fate and freedom seem to go hand in hand in this play. In the poem “Invictus by William Ernest Henley”, although the speaker is facing a lot of difficulties and is in a terrible state, he is still thankful to god for giving him an undefeatable soul. Even though death is around the corner he remains fearless and…

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  • Old Man And The Sea Symbolism

    much. But I will kill you dead before this day ends.”’ The old man will not let the marlin conquer him by surviving the day. The next character, Manolin, will be analyzed. Manolin is not present for much of the story. In fact, he is only present at the beginning and at the end. Manolin considers the old man to be the best fisherman alive, as shown in this quote: “There are many good fisherman and some great ones. But there is only you.” Manolin dedicates himself to helping the old man in…

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  • The Lives Of Frederic Henry And Catherine Heingway, By Henry Hemingway

    surgery. He is anxious to get back into the war. Frederic demands to speak to another doctor, named Dr. Valentini. He allows Frederic to have surgery the next morning. He says, “To-morrow morning. Not before” (Hemingway 99). The surgery is successful and Frederic becomes happy. Frederic’s behavior changes immediately after his injury. Before his injury, Frederic was much more naive and unaware of what could really happen to him. On page 37, Frederic says, “Well, I knew I would not be killed. Not…

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  • Analysis Of Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man And The Sea

    We all have goals and dreams that we want to achieve and make happen in our lives. The question is though, are you going to give up immediately when obstacles come your way, or family, friends, and peers start talking you out out of your goal? The Old Man though, in the book, “The Old Man and the Sea”, by Ernest Hemingway, didn’t doubt himself one bit as he persisted to reach his goal. Hemingway wanted to teach his readers lessons about specific things about life in his book, “ Old Man and the…

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  • Ernest Hemingway Code Hero Analysis

    A hero doesn’t need to have superhuman abilities like flight, superstrength, or invincibility. The attributes of a hero can be anyone who follows superb morals, make an effort to help anyone, and help make a difference in our world. The definition of a hero is based on people’s opinion of what a hero do to help people. While some people believe that a stereotypical comic superhero is a definition of a hero, others believe that a hero can be anyone. Ernest Hemingway, the famous author for a…

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