Whiteness studies

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  • Differences In Fashion

    We ideally represent our artistic expressions of individuality through fashion. However, our cultural discourse constitutes an image of our race. Therefore, as Kaiser (2012) asserts, are we just “subjected to labels and stereotypes” or do we have free will to navigate and differentiate ourselves from others? Bourdieu (1977) analyses this issue by defining the term ‘habitus’ from his perspective. He demonstrates the subject of how people naturally attach to this ‘social order’ through our…

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  • Personal Narrative: White Privilege

    I was born in Mexico, brought to America before I was able to speak and thankfully learned both languages and cultures to my advantage. I consider whiteness to be how likely you are to be treated like a worthy human being. Whiteness is more about color than the European’s decent which is why some people like me are able to “pass” as white, or to be perceived as such. I do not think anyone who is mistakenly viewed as white is trying to fool…

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  • Student Development Theory

    Student developmental theories describe the experiences of students, the holistic development of students, and how their experiences affect their development in order to inform the theory-to-practice-to-theory loop. In order to demonstrate a firm understanding of theory, one must be able to apply theory to practice. Student development theory emerged from the fields of psychology and sociology as student affairs professionals noticed the need to understand the experiences of students half of the…

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  • Whiteness In Art

    something totally new, diverse and original, only to be disappointed by being surrounded with whiteness in every sense. This scenario speaks to the exclusionary nature that many people of color in the art world feel when they enter theses spaces. The notion of art has always been seen from the perspective of a certain particular group of individuals, who throughout centuries have sought to affirm whiteness in art and art history as the only viable cultural and social experience. Even with the…

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  • Privilege Vs White Privilege

    Privilege and white privilege is there a difference? The text states that White privilege is “a set of advantaged and or immunities that white people benefit from on a daily basis beyond those common to all others” (Avakian, 2003). As I searched privilege and read different terms I understood it as, a special right like an advantage, something granted to a particular person or group of people. Though there is a difference between the two I can see why the term Privilege is attached to “White”.…

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  • The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Summary

    The Absolutely True Diary of a part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie is the story of a teenage boy, named Junior, struggling with his tribe's culture. The young boy loses hope in his tribe, and he decides to pursue his education outside of the reservation. This caused numerous amounts of backlash between his friend and many members of his tribe. But he continues on with his education, because he believes that the culture of his people will drag him down and that he will never escape the…

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  • White Culture

    In the article “WHITE MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU’RE ETHNIC” by Pamela Perry. The author said that on the lack of white "culture" is a compelling article about culture, and if you are white, you do not always think about it.The author has been interview two high school students, they both are white.They have cultureless to their own culture. One high school was around white neighborhood lives with them.Another one high school was racially diverse neighborhood there was not that much to white…

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  • Constructing Race Creating White Privilege By Emvidson Buck Analysis

    (Buck 33) One thing that Buck states in her article was “given the tendency of slaves, servants, and landless free Europeans and Africans to cooperate in rebellion, the elite had to ‘teach Whites the value of whiteness’ in order to divide and rule their labor force.” (Buck 33) The elites had to show the poorer white that they have power over those who are black leading to the idea of white privilege. She talks about the construction of race because there were laws…

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  • Cultural Norms In Research

    Values are defined by Johnson as “general guidelines for how to weigh one alternative against another”(Johnson 6). In this way, values allow for a group to have a set of points or guidelines to follow in terms of behavior and action. Many values correlate to guiding principals that can be extremely important for a culture to use as a guide. Some of the values that my family finds most important are honesty, trustworthiness, and teamwork. These values help us to set up expectations and…

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  • White Privilege In Reading The Me, My Race

    While starting to read the materials for the course the very first sentences grabbed my attention. “The United States is a nation where people are supposed to be able to rise above their origins. Those who want to succeed, it is believed, can do so through hard work and solid effort.” (Collins, Anderson. 2015) This was actually disturbing for me to read because it so far from the truth. We live in a society that has chosen to not change their views and ways of thinking about race. This system…

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