Cultural Norms In Research

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Values are defined by Johnson as “general guidelines for how to weigh one alternative against another”(Johnson 6). In this way, values allow for a group to have a set of points or guidelines to follow in terms of behavior and action. Many values correlate to guiding principals that can be extremely important for a culture to use as a guide. Some of the values that my family finds most important are honesty, trustworthiness, and teamwork. These values help us to set up expectations and guidelines for our actions. For example, my siblings and I were always told that trust in someone is important, and the only way that you can give and receive trust is if you have an honest and truthful relationship. Following these values, my siblings and I were able to build trusting and honest relationships within a teamwork construct. Our actions as a family are always being guided by the values that we all …show more content…
Norms act as a guide for how value or belief will be displayed. For example, in my family, we value respecting people who are our superiors, and the norm is that we always address an adult by their formal title of Dr/Ms/Mrs/Mr/Uncle/Aunt unless we are told otherwise. In this way, we are putting the value into action and following what is expected of us in terms of the norms of our family. “Attitudes can be primary emotions like fear that are attached to various cultural beliefs and values”(Johnson,65). A culture 's attitude comes from the beliefs, values, and emotions that are part of the social aspect of culture. To have a positive attitude, you must be invested in the emotions, beliefs and values that are part of your culture. A cultural attitude represents how a certain group feels about a topic. For example, many Latin American families have a positive attitude towards young adults consuming alcohol and have very few

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