White slavery

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Indian Ocean Economy

    everything, neither were particularly revolutionary. Where Thomas Jefferson claimed all men were created equal and meanwhile held slaves his entire life, he created nothing new but a piece of paper literally declaring independence and freedom for white property-owning males...essentially the same rights they held beforehand. Where the French were inspired by the American Revolution and wanted to break away from monarchy, they were treated to Robespierre’s worse “republic” alternative—and…

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  • King Leopold's Ghost Analysis

    above them all, the duplicitous billionaire King Leopold II. With great power and compassion, King Leopold's Ghost will brand the tragedy of the Congo--too long forgotten--onto the conscience of the West. Early in the imperial colonial period slavery was the chief reason for exploiting central Africa. King Leopold of Belgium ruthlessly but brilliantly exploited much of…

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  • Mary Baynes Equiano Personal Identity

    personal identity and created an Igbo national identity avant la letter in order to enable himself to become an effective spokesman for his fellow diaspora Africans.” (Carretta preface Xv111) The fact that Equiano could speak Igbo provides large evidence that he in fact was born in Africa. Equiano could not speak English when he first arrived in England in 1754. Many witnesses can attest to this. Since many of his witnesses had met Equiano only after he had spent a few years in English speaking…

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  • Similarities Between Indentured Servants And Slaves

    However, indentured servants worked on a given contract and after a given term they would be allowed freedom with land, money, or return passage. Unlike willingly becoming an indentured servant, slavery was obligatorily and permanent. Color often aided to distinguish the two groups, for the servants were white and could intermingle in to the crowd; if say, they sought after an escape, but the slaves were black, making it very challenging for them to run away, and in many circumstances they were…

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  • Fight For Our Freedom In Assata Shakur's Black Lives Matter

    Amendment of the United States abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as a form of punishment for a crime. For that reason, Shakur considers herself a twentieth century escaped slave. The founders of the Black Lives Matter organization were inspired by this quote for the significance, purpose, and message of their movement. Black Lives Matter was created after the death of Trayvon Martin, a young black teen who died at the hands of George Zimmerman, a white…

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  • Fabulism In Kindred

    into the past, she reconstructs the memories of these forgotten women. Even after society begins to let African-American tell their stories, we only see the black man’s side. We never hear about women, who have lost all but one of their children to slavery. We never see written accounts of the sexual abuse that women like Tess had to accept, or the pain that Alice and her mother felt as they watched a member of their family beaten and dragged away. We know it happened, but only in an abstract…

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  • Self Loathing Essay

    self-esteem and question their self-worth” (Nittle). As a result, of having a diminished sense of worth, “over fifty-five percent of Black girls and boys (aged nine to seventeen years old) engage in using skin bleaching products such as whitenicious, white-glow, etc (Hunter). The ingredients in “skin lightening products such as these have been linked to skin cancer”(Williams). Despite the dangers of skin bleaching, usage of these products have “tripled within the last five years”(Williams).This…

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  • Habermas Henry Fraser Summary

    dominated and within context holds a masculine role. Human trafficking has been a common male driven practice, and first began under the term of slavery. Through the progression of time and advancement in societies, there has still been a constant disregard for women’s bodies. Fraser’s account of capitalism being masculine, can be applied to why sex slavery is still a widely used form of business. Human trafficking is a global phenomenon fueled by poverty and gender discrimination. In this essay…

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  • American Revolution: The Sans Souci Club

    were no longer connected except for in Massachusetts and New Hampshire because Congregational churches dominated there. The second change was the change and non-acceptance of some social norms from Great Britain. For example judges no longer wore the white wigs that they had to wear in Great Britain. Another change was that power was no longer handed down hereditarily. Laws of primogeniture and entail that had once allowed a landholder to pass his estate to his son were no longer accepted. One…

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  • Biography Of Sojourner Truth

    and women’s right activist. She was born in 1797, in Ritton , NY and she escaped with her infant daughter Sophia to freedom in 1826. After she went to court to recover her son in 1828 she became the first black woman to win a case against a white man. During the civil war in 1851 she had a speech that became widely known by the name of “Ain’t I a Women ?” Her speech was re-written in a stereotypical southern way. Truth was from New York and she grew up speaking Dutch as her first…

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