White slavery

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  • Africa The Dark Continent Analysis

    A hundred and seventy-five years ago European colonist labeled Africa the “Dark Continent.” Whether or not the term was introduced with invidious intent has continually been the subject of much debate among black scholars. The controversy centered on the use of the word “Dark” which Europe, scholars interpreted as being without growth and development. Not that Europe was more developed than Africa, but because the sub -Saharan part of the continent was a complete mystery to Europeans. This…

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  • Compare And Contrast The American Revolutions

    Revolutions have, in history, proven themselves to be an effective sacrifice against many unjust societal and governmental practices, the final attempt of the oppressed to change things for the better. The America, Latin America, French, and Haitian revolutions were no exception. Although all four revolutions were fought differently, and for their own unique, individual reasons, they all are excellent examples of uprisings in history that challenged traditional ways and succeeded. The American…

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  • Glorifying Key Terms

    limit to the quality of clothing. Twenty slaves were able to obtain firearms and flew a flag while calling for liberty. On their way to slave-friendly Florida, the rebels were joined by eighty more. They set fire to plantations and killed several whites, but were viciously stopped by the militia and killed. The Stono Rebellion instigated more rebellions in South Carolina, which eventually led to a stricter slave code. Slave owners were required to discipline slaves and request permission to free…

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  • Essay On Jesus Is A Hero

    show us why we should love each other and more importantly why we should love ourselves. Another important hero King mention is Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln finalized slavery with the power of his words. “ ‘This nation cannot survive half slave and half free’ ” (par 27). Lincoln was a hero to all the slaves that were enslaved working for a white man. He set the slaves free and gave them the freedom they deserved. Heroes may have an impact on a small group of lives or a large group of live but as…

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  • History Of Sugar Essay

    brought by Europeans, thus falling short in labor force. Once again, just like Arabs did couple of centuries ago, the use of African slaves took place. This was the beginning of the bigger slave trade in human history that lasted until 1861, when slavery was abolished. Millions of Africans were brought to New World to work in mines and sugar plantations. Portugal created one of the bigger sugar industries in Brazil, exporting tons of sugar to Europe. In this way, Portugal became the greater…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Sex Tourism

    runaways that they can see have not had their emotional need met at home. Then they use psychological manipulation to convince the children into believing they are loved and cared for. Often times the pimp will spend a lot of time doing nice caring things for the child buying them nice things taking them places introducing them to other children that they have psychologically convinced they are a wonderful person. Once this belief is installed the table turns and a very evil and sick game begins…

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  • The Economy Of Colonial America Summary

    A Review of The Economy of Colonial America The Economy of Colonial America by Edwin J. Perkins is a detailed look into the economic and everyday situations experienced by Americans of the colonial era. Perkins uses many modern comparisons, along with comparisons to other parts of the world, in an attempt to describe the economic lifestyle of colonist. He ends every chapter with a bibliographical essay in part to show where his research comes from, but mostly in a way that encourages the…

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  • The Similarities Between The North And South's Culture

    South vs. North The north and the South’s culture are defiantly more different than you would think. The economy of the south was mainly all about farming unlike the north. The North’s economy was farming and factories. The transportation between the two places was almost exactly the same. The society to the north is not as you would think. The south society was different than the north by a big difference. The north and South’s cultures are close but not to close. The south had a hard time…

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  • Cotton Capturing Land Book Review

    cotton. Writing of such topics is what the book is primarily about, as he expresses why the history of cotton is so important today and revealing harsh information of capitalists, and what capitalism was five hundred or so years ago. Mentions of slavery were to be included as they had an extremely large influence with the history of cotton and the empire it was built on. The book although long, was not so boring because it really did teach the reader beyond what is learned in a text book.…

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  • Shola And Similarities Between Kindred And Sanfoka

    family, and she refused to do so. Shola finally retaliated when the head master began to senselessly aggravate her and tried to rape her again. This was the end of her forbearance. In Kindred, Dana was a 1970s American woman, writer, and had a white husband. Dana was living what seemed to be a normal life. However, when she traveled back in time to the 1800s she realized everything she was and stood…

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