White slavery

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  • Abolition Of Slavery Research Paper

    Following the abolition of Slavery after the ending of the Civil War, surprisingly, there weren’t very many changes in the conditions of the black people. They were free but they were still looked at as inferior. After decades of being taught that they were inherently inferior to the whites, the law did not bring about changes because the white people still believed they were superior to the black people. All black people were now free. A lot of slaves moved North, where they could work on…

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  • Cultural Racism In Canada

    more subtle but just as harmful forms. Although no one is born a racist, we are born woven into this cultural fabric of racism, because the loom that weaves it was calibrated with ideals derived from a colonial history, socioeconomic inequality and white superiority. Using a Critical Race Feminism lense, and citing the works put forth by Charmaine Nelson, Minelle Mahtani, Jasmin Yiwani, and Robin D.G. Kelley, this paper explores how Canada’s colonial past and racial history, is internalized in…

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  • How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Summary

    responsible for exhausting a great part of the Africa’s resources that were produced by the Africans . There is also evidence in places such as Tanganyika where Africans been forced to grow cash crops for the Europeans on their own land. A Kenyan white settler was quoted saying, “we have stolen their land and now we must steal his limbs” . Also it can be noted that after the economic depression ended the Europe countries went to war and they ended up recruiting the Africans to fight for…

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  • Women Involved In Prostitution

    Also in 1927 the League of Nations was founded after World War One. They focused on maintaining world peace, but also the use of human trafficking. They changed the Suppression of WHite Slave Traffic to Traffic in women and children to show that there was no discrimination to race. They also added both genders to the cause of trafficking. To find out where in the world exactly it was most common researchers did a study on both the east and west hemisphere. The factors that they considered were…

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  • Human Trafficking: A Global Problem

    “The Suppression of White Slaves Traffic” was made to protect women from being trafficked. It later became “traffic in women and children” so that it applied to all women and children regardless of age or race. In 1995, the United Nations held the fourth World Conference to…

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  • Summary: Inhuman Traffick

    Inhuman Traffick In 1791, the uprising of slaves in St. Dominque inspired similar movements all over the world. The United States fought Great Britain a second time for independence. In South America centuries and old colonial empires began to unravel in Spain. The Revolutionary war subsided in 1815 in Europe. Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo helped prevent future outbreaks of revolution. Great Britain wanted to change after the war. In the 1780’s a powerful antislavery movement rose, which was…

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  • How Did The Transatlantic Slave Trade Exist Today

    would signifcantly transform the colonies, plantation societies, and, agricultural economy. However, theses transformations directly coincides with the horrendus actions of slavery and the generational discrimination and oppresion of Africans that continues to exist today. Begining in Africa, slaves were captured and sold by both white slave traders and also by their own people in return for weapons, gold, spices, and other bartered goods. The slaves were then forced upon a ship for months to…

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  • Markus Rediker's Analysis

    vessel which later is transformed into the naval warfare weapon, factory(plantation), and a prison for both Africans and sailors. Being just a moving vessel it managed to carry 12.4 million African souls through the Middle Passage from 1700-1808 when slavery was finally, officially abolished. These people were making a profit, not caring about who’s exploited, working conditions, and what will happen to the future generation of this culture while in America. They did not care what various…

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  • The Failure Of Capitalism Analysis

    It is impossible to analyze capitalism without recognizing the factors that allow the system to evolve over time. The system has changed due to a wide variety of factors ranging from technology to new markets to political reform. These forces have constantly faced opposition from existing power structures that have an interest in maintaining the status quo which has taken various forms ranging from colonial powers to corporations to stock exchanges. Thus, capitalism developed over the course of…

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  • African Identity Analysis

    identity as a whole, and to investigate beyond the surface into the depths of what “African” connotes in terms of the many social, cultural, and geographical facets it encompasses. In addition, it is crucial to delve into an analysis of the role of the white identity…

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