Effects Of Slavery On African Slavery

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During the 18th century the globalization of the new world was at its peak. In order to keep up with the demanding labor efforts from principal countries a system of slavery was put in place. A system that had been in place for thousands of years, the only difference now was that human lives weren’t regard as such. Mere objects and things is what these people were. The very act of slavery meant an entire race was below that of any other, due to the color of their skin. The “white mans” means in cultivating the “savage”. From the tribes of Africa to the colonies of American the African slave trade consumed creation to provide its worldly work force. Many developing and longstanding countries participated in the African slave trade for an array …show more content…
The major significance that brought up with the African slave trade was the devaluing of human life. It was a justification of making another human being lesser. As this mindset progressed we find that the ethnic groups of Africa suffered hugely as they lost their culture and foundations of life because everything around their being was taken and ripped away to be sold. The social kinship was in a sense destroyed because the “savages” that were becoming slaves weren’t educated enough to understand what social relationships were, even though they had themselves had developed social hierarchies. Along this stream of mind set we also see the major depopulation of Africa. Millions of Africans were stolen from their homes and sold into slavery by African warlords. This created many imbalances throughout Africa. Africa was disrupted in the ways of economics, environmental, and personal, to levels in such that history has only seen very few times in the lifetime of humans. A nation was destabilized and today we are still in the observation of seeing Africa be an unstable battleground of politics and …show more content…
The business of selling lives for labor. Terrible conditions, unequal properties, and an army of works supplied the foundations of many countries. Countries that participated in the African slave trade included many European strongholds. They joined the African slave trade to gain a profit and control more to be a greater power. The African slave trade also increased in the 18th century as warfare and many wrongful practices took place. This again continued to add on to an already suffering country and people by separating an already broken nation. All these events that took place only took from Africa and allowed the structural foundation of a country and its public to crumble. The culture, economy, and being was degraded to a level of non-living and being unhuman. The African culture was decimated because of their savage ways of life. All countries and bodies of power that claimed their piece of Africa justified their hostility by educating a ferocious nation. They needed to provide for their mother countries or strong powers and because the African were a weaker people, it was their destiny to fall and not evolve due to their unfit nature. Other regions that were impacted by the African slave trade include… They were impacted by … The devastating impacts of the African slave trade still outlast the country and have

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