A Reflection Of Liberation And Equality In The Future Of Black America

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The future of Black America
A reflection of Liberation and Spirituality

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. I remember saying this in elementary school, the only black girl in class. We then would wait until February, Black history Month, to deal with any of the implications that came with colonization. The trans Atlantic slaves voyagers would last from approximately 1526 to 1867, kidnapping over 12 million slaves from the coasts of Africa. Almost 11 million of the surviving chained persons would then be kicked of the boat in a foreign land, now called America. After hundreds of years of dehumanization, President Abraham Lincoln would sign the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st, 1863. The 13th amendment goes as follows:
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Fairness, Equality, Equity? I believe that Fairness, Equality, Equity are all inadequate definitions of Justice. Fairness is to have likeness. Equality is to be equal. Equity is proportioning based on need. Justice is the right to live. Justice is the right to live because you are a human being. By all means there are times that Justice has to be fair in all dealings, distribute equality, even administer equity based upon need. But limiting Justice to only these three words or even to one of the three is insufficient because all three deal with interaction and interrelatedness of two or more persons. When Justice is the right for every human being to live then we no longer diminish Justice to only actions. Justice is …show more content…
Thus, human life is the foundation of global spirituality because life is the common thread amongst all. With this understanding, Christianity is not and ultimately cannot be the definition of global spirituality. Global spirituality is not limited to the three Abrahamic faiths but is open to the uniqueness of all, therefore, global spirituality is the social ontology of profound human interrelatedness. Global spirituality’s most basic standard is a commitment to the understanding that everyone outside of your self is to be considered and respected as a neighbor. Global spirituality must then be committed to the fight of justice, which is perpetuated by those who refuse to acknowledge their neighbors.
All of global spirituality’s commitments, visions and mission much be centered on the rejection of any form of disenfranchisement that is not compatible with love and justice. Therefore global spirituality places itself right at the center of a four way intersection, merging to the world’s future, by way of human life, injustice and

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