Similarities Between Indentured Servants And Slaves

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During the stretches of the indentured servant and slave trade years, there were numerous sufferings that these two groups confronted. A journey that would take six to nine weeks seemed like an eternity, for the passengers of the densely packed sea-vessels. Not knowing where they were exactly headed, these poor souls boarded the ships with the promise of being free someday and took on a long, perilous voyage, which altered their lives forever, and marked a significant misfortune in our American history.
The treacherous voyage across the sea took countless of innocent lives and mostly the freedom of all. Given a total of twelve feet of space, enough to just to lay on their backs, slaves were chained up from head to toe and had nowhere to escape to when the ship set sail. They would spend almost two months in the same positions, causing skin rashes, blisters, and infections that would take their lives. Some were fortunate enough to get a slim chance to inhale fresh air, but others were not, and their rotten
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They were both treated in the same settings when transported to the New World. Their so called masters beat them over small reasons, and they were also not paid to work. However, indentured servants worked on a given contract and after a given term they would be allowed freedom with land, money, or return passage. Unlike willingly becoming an indentured servant, slavery was obligatorily and permanent. Color often aided to distinguish the two groups, for the servants were white and could intermingle in to the crowd; if say, they sought after an escape, but the slaves were black, making it very challenging for them to run away, and in many circumstances they were caught. Overall the European servants worked on a contract and were unbound to go construct and thrive, but African slaves were enslaved for life, bringing their children into those unchanged unforgiving

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