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  • The Economy Of Colonial America Summary

    A Review of The Economy of Colonial America The Economy of Colonial America by Edwin J. Perkins is a detailed look into the economic and everyday situations experienced by Americans of the colonial era. Perkins uses many modern comparisons, along with comparisons to other parts of the world, in an attempt to describe the economic lifestyle of colonist. He ends every chapter with a bibliographical essay in part to show where his research comes from, but mostly in a way that encourages the reader to look further into the topics he brings up. This book is divided into two distinct sections,Occupational groups and money and taxes, and in this review I will look at each of these sections separately and then provide a small evaluation portion where I will give my overall thoughts on the book as a whole. The book starts with two shorter chapters that don’t quite fit into either section, but are important in setting up an initial view on the basics of what the economy was doing and how it was affecting other parts of the world via trade. The book covers how the population growth in the colonies was much higher than in the rest of the world. Perkins mentions that “the typical number of children in a colonial family were estimated at 8, compared to only 4 in England and in the rest of Europe. The book heavily suggests that earlier marriages to be the main reason for this increased birth rate. The chapter goes on to explain that, unlike the rest of the world at that…

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  • Massachusetts Bay Colony Essay

    Towards the end of the sixteenth century, Great Britain sought to place colonies in the New World in order to combat Spain’s successes in South America. The first two successful colonies in North America were Jamestown, founded in 1607, and Massachusetts Bay, founded in 1630. The New England and Chesapeake regions were settled mostly by people of English origin, both evolved into two distinct societies due to the purposes of the colonies, the people who populated the colonies, and the…

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  • Differences Between Northern And Southern Colonies

    Due to the geographic differences between the Northern and Southern colonies, the development of their economies was based off of different goods and services. In the South, with its “temperate climate and long growing season” (Davidson, et al 88), colonists found that the soil was fertile and therefore suitable for the large scale growth of first, tobacco, but later other crops including indigo, rice, and cotton. Southern colonist could grow these crops essentially all year as the temperature…

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  • Jamestown Colony

    The founding of the Jamestown Colony in 1607 was an incredibly difficult feat that could not have been accomplished without the sacrifice and grueling work of the settlers. They left relatives, acquaintances, and most of what was familiar to them behind and braved the rough sea voyage to the New World. When they reached Virginia, the colonists of Jamestown were forced to construct shelters and procure what they needed to survive, in addition to adjusting to an unfamiliar climate. They also…

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  • Colonization In Pennsylvania

    MAKE SURE YOUR TENSE IS CONSTANT AND DOESN’T SWITCH BETWEEN PRESENT/ PAST TENSE Key Reasons for Colonizing (will make hook later) Pennsylvania is the place where every colonist is treated in the same manner, your social status, religion, and gender does not matter. You will not be persecuted for your religion or beliefs. Colonists in Pennsylvania are very neighborly and help each other out during hard times. No one will covet another man or have reason to harm another. Pennsylvanians’…

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  • Slave Labor Essay

    Slave Labor In present day America the idea of slavery would not be tolerated, however in the first colonies and many years following slavery was common and accepted. America is not the first nor the only country with a history of slavery. Slavery is still a hot topic today in various forms. As the colonies developed land ownership opportunities became available, however this only increased the need for labor. Thus began indentured servitude, creating opportunity for both the master and servant.…

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  • Colonist Conditions

    The New World was known to be the Western hemisphere of the Earth. The New World consisted of the 13 British colonies. Colonists did not have much freedom, if any at all, before coming to the New World. The New World was said to provide the colonists with freedom and many opportunities (Voices of Freedom, Foner). There are at least five different conditions that brought colonists into the world that revolved around freedom. Freedom for the colonists included having religious freedom. Religious…

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  • Slavery In The 1600's

    Slavery developed in the United States in the early 1600’s. Slavery came to exist due to an economic need for an increased labor force due to the popularity of cash crops in global trade. the price of indentured servants was becoming too costly and Demands for labor were increasing at a growing rate.as the demands for labor grew so did the price of indentured servants. The colonies were expanding which called for skilled workers in the colonies, a position that was to be filled by already…

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  • South Colonies Vs New England Colonies

    In the early sixteenth century, the English began the colonization of North America by establishing colonies in New England and in the South. These two regions were very different from one-another and thus provided the colonists with very different challenges. Due to environmental factors such as soil quality and the need for cheap labor, the New England colonies and the Southern colonies were forced to find different economic solutions that would allow them to flourish and survive. The…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Labor Trafficking

    threat of abuse, or physically constrained or has restrictions placed on his/her freedom of movement” (“What is Modern Slavery”). Modern slavery is not something the United States government should be encouraging. With the purchasing of products or services made from labor trafficking is a way to encourage it. One of the many reasons companies use labor trafficking to produce a product is because they can sell it cheaper and people like things that are cheaper. With these purchases it shows that…

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