African Slave Informative Speech

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Based on what you learn as kids from our history books, you might have developed a certain idea of slavery. You may have built up certain stigmas that because Africans just accepted to be slaves without actually fighting for their rights until Abraham’s emancipation on January 01, 1863. Well, I am here to tell you that the African slaves gave everything they had to be free and did not just give up after failed attempts. But first you have to understand how this great fight for freedom began. When we sing,” In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” You probably just recognize it as a way to remember the history of the beginning of Columbus’s great journey of discovering America. However, you may not have ever guessed …show more content…
When a Dutch shipped anchored in the Gulf of Guinea in 1699, the crew had to battle against their African slaves who managed to acquire hammers breaking their fetter. Only to be saved by neighboring French and British Ships. In 1757, locales from the shore liberated their brethren from several slave ships. Some even stole their weapons supply kill every single white man, before ramming the ship and escaping to shore. This is only a few of the successful attempts at fighting for their freedom.
Although, acts like these did not go unnoticed. To make sure the slaves were too weak to start rebellions, the captains started to cut the food and water for them. Also, including public executions and torture. Yet, to no avail the rebels continued in their pursuit of freedom. There is a record of 150 at sea rebellions during the slave trade period. One key underestimation by the slavers was the Africans ability to navigate the waters. For example, there was a ship named the Little George, and in 1730 about 96 Africans overthrew the crew. Anyone left was under guard as they sailed the ship back to
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The Spanish began regarding these colonies as Maroons. They were such a formidable force that not only did the Spaniards try to offer up peace, but the Spanish farmers and settlers feared to go out and be attacked. During the 17th Century, in the Republic of Pal mares there was a Marron establishment of 10,000. This group defended off the Dutch and Portuguese armies. There was a unity amongst the Africans and Indians. Lanu, was an African leader of the Saramakas. He ran away from the slavers into the woods after the death of his wife. Wamba, the forest spirit led him to some Indians who helped and his brother Ayako after he escaped. With this alliance they were able to restore the Samakas, and their descendants were the Maroon. In conclusion, the African people never gave up on their freedom. Even through the European manipulation of their African Leaders. To the great hardships and turmoil of being forced to cross the seas to an unknown land in the worst accommodations. Carried over to the outright mistreatment and disregard for them in the New World. The African decided to not lie down without giving a shot to go home. Or establishing colonies all across the Americas. They continued to pursue their freedom in years to come. Something I cannot ever be more thankful

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