The Relationship Between The American Revolution And Black Freedom

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During this era, most whites owned slaves in fact on some plantations, slaves outnumbered the white owners. Before discussing the relationship between the American Revolution and black freedom, we must internalize the conditions slaves live in and why would slaves fight for freedom with possibly the ultimate sacrifice death. According to the authors of the Declaration of Independence, living under the British rule was like being a slave. However, these rights did not include enslaved Africans. Slavery is defined as involuntary subjection to another or others with complete ownership and control by a master. Consequently, in all 13 colonies slavery was legal and acceptable and regarded as positive amongst white southerners. Life as a slave was grueling unimaginable work. Slaves worked sun up to sun down under watchful eye of the overseer and master. Slaves wasn’t allowed to take a break unless the overseer of the plantation allowed a break. Slaves was always in fear, fear of death and fear of the white man. Therefore, a break was only dependent on whether the master had to meet strict demands for financial benefit. …show more content…
However, as the war escalated, there was a dilemma among the slaves. Should slaves fight for their same masters that held them in bondage or fight for the British who ask them to desert their master who mistreated them all their lives? Many blacks made their own judgement of the conflict and supported the side that benefitted them the most. Although the Declaration of Independence promised Liberty for all men, it did not include black men. So the relationship between the American Revolution and the black freedom was based on untapped manpower or in exchanged of a cowardly son. As a result, this exchange came with the price tag of freedom. From a slave’s perception, that meant living a life of

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