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  • Salvia Splendens

    sunlight for nine hours and darkness for nine hours. The remaining two plants, labeled NC1 and NC2, followed a daily schedule in this order: white light for six hours, sunlight for nine hours, and darkness for nine…

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  • Theme Of Color In A Rose For Emily

    In A Rose for Emily, Faulkner uses color to describe Emily Grierson’s emotional state transitioning from innocence to insanity. Typically in stories, colors provide the current visuals that characters see while helping readers to obtain a better mental image of the scene. Faulkner, however, not only uses colors to help paint a better mental image for his reader, but to also highlight the limitless meaning that colors can embody such as setting the tone and mood. He does not tell Emily’s story in…

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  • Bohemian Mix: Young Influential, Young Digerati

    The three groups we chose are Bohemian Mix, Young Influential, Young Digerati. From the research of the last project, we decided to design a lipstick for the woman in the groups. Because of women need to make up every day and, of course, lipstick is most important one for the whole face, even though you don 't put other stuff, such as eyeliner, on the face but the lipstick only, it will help you look good though. Bohemian mix • Color: CorailGondola • Material (lipstick): pure natural material…

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  • Color Symbolism In The Scarlet Letter

    by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author focuses on the Puritan society, specifically their perspectives on life regarding adultery, sin and forgiveness. Throughout the novel, Hawthorne uses the idea of color to express these concepts with red, black and white, showing the good and evil woven into the society. As the novel begins, color is used fairly often more than not to describe the theme of good and evil. The color red is used quite a lot in the beginning of the novel, for the scarlet letter is…

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  • Theme Of Destruction In Macbeth

    their act of murder. In this piece of artwork there are five main symbols. The first symbol is the box, this represents Lady Macbeth and Macbeth trying to hide their sin, the second is the dagger that signifies death, the third symbol is the color white, which represents innocence, and the color black is a representation of evil and lastly, the blood drips represent their unhidden sin, even though they wished to keep it hidden. All of these elements symbolize Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s downfall…

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  • Tkam Theme In To Kill A Mockingbird

    To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) is a phenomenal book that teaches life lessons that will resonate with any reader for the rest of their life. It’s a book that has two main themes supported by almost every character that was worth noting. One main theme was walking in somebodies shoes, because of the poor times of the depression, it was hard to understand the ways somebody lived. The other main theme was Innocence, which a mockingbird represented. The main characters, Jem, Scout, and Dill, all have…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Cafe Terrace At Night Analysis

    KröllerMuller Museum, Otterlo for my design summary/formal analysis. Two elements utilized in this piece of art are texture and color. Texture is the surface quality of a work (Dewitte, Larmann, Shields 62). Color is the optical effect caused when reflected white light of the spectrum is divided into a separate wavelength (Dewitte, Larmann, Shields 92). Implied Texture is displayed throughout this canvas. Implied texture is texture we have experienced from our own tactile memory (Dewitte,…

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  • Hell And Heaven Analysis

    In general, Fritz Scholder used people to show ethnic subject matter. This does not coincide with what I have learned about earlier painters such as those in the Oklahoma School. The most artwork from earlier painters are traditional portraits and pictures of recording the ceremony. Fritz Scholder combined Indian culture with American culture to show the Indian with a beer can, the Indian with a American flag, and a portrait of himself with a cat. He also drew abstract in which expressed…

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  • Countess De Castiglione Analysis

    and writing style also take on this quality. Zola writes “Echo’s costume was an allegory in itself: it suggested tall trees and lofty mountains, the resounding spots where the voices of the Earth and the Air reply to each other; it was rock in the white satin of the skirt, thicket in the leaves of the girdle, clear sky in the cloud of blue gauze of the bodice”. This is only one half of the sentence, it is clear that Zola chooses to write a superfluous amount of detail. The description is so…

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  • Amazon Echo Research Paper

    different things about Amazon Echo. Here’s what you need to know about them: Solid Blue If the color of the ring on top of the device is solid blue, it means that the device is alive—it’s awake—and is actually waiting for your commands! Solid White If you see solid white, it means that the volume of Amazon Echo is currently being adjusted. For this, you can make use of voice commands, the remote, or the device itself. Spinning Blue This means that the device is either processing or booting…

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