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  • Seinfeld Political Correctness

    Rhetorical Context In this highly sensitive age, political correctness plays a key role in society, including the entertainment sector. Comedians often have to sensor their shows in order to accommodate this politically correct movement. While political correctness has been around since the 1930s, it is now more prevalent than ever, especially on college campuses, where comedians often perform. Part of the reason for the widespread presence is the media’s involvement. Whenever a controversial joke is made, the media is the first to report on the issue. In this social media crazed world, stories dealing with debatable subjects go viral in a matter of minutes. Not only does this jeopardize the comedian’s reputation, but add more fire to the debate over whether the millennials are too sensitive. In an interview with Seth Meyers, Jerry Seinfeld effectively argues that political correctness has gone to far, through the use of establishing his credibility, connecting to the audience, and providing specific examples of his detest. Audience and Speaker This interview is featured on “Late Night,” with Seth Meyers as the host. The show, produced by former “Saturday Night Live” producer Mike Shoemaker, discusses hot, controversial topics in society through comedy (Itzcoff). Therefore it is the perfect outlet to express views on how political correctness affects society. It airs generally to one and a half million viewers per night, all of whom are interested in comedy and the…

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  • Business Analysis Of Perry, Fresh Food Company, And Templeton

    Perry, Fresh Food Company, and Templeton are the main cafeteria on the campus. The meal schedule is failing to some students. Some students do not have time to eat when cafeterias are open at certain time at far distance. Cafeterias might not be available when students have nothing or have time to be sociable. The campus needs to improve the schedule and the cafeteria because it is not flexible on weekend, has same food route, and have time issues. First, the weekends are not flexible on food…

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  • Bagel Hockey: Case Analysis: The Bagel Hockey Case

    group of young adults, too much free time, and too little management. The cafeteria manager, Mrs. Larby, made an unannounced weekend visit to the cafeteria and found her employees violating one of the business rules of no horseplay. When she walked in on a busy cafeteria, only a couple of employees were functioning in their roles while the rest were playing floor hockey with brooms and stale bagels in the back, including the supervisor on shift (Cohen & Fink, 2001). Causes of Emergent Behavior…

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  • Henry Ford's Economic Impact On The Economy

    Once Henry Ford made the automobile affordable, the lives of every citizen changed. He impacted the United States (and the world) both economically and socially. He did this by creating the assembly line. This assembly line enabled the mass production of the automobile and ultimately a discounted price. Socially, among other things, he improved the quality of life greatly. People were able to take vacations to places that they would have never have been able to go, even if just for a day trip on…

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  • Reflective Essay On Spending Behavior

    On that Monday, as my attempt in taking the modification seriously I decided to completely cut out any purchases throughout that entire week. So following that plan on that following Monday I didn’t spend any money at all. Due to all of the money I spent from that following weekend I decided to minimize my spending habits for the week to $0. On Tuesday however, I decided to purchase breakfast from McDonalds. That came up to a total amount of $7.70. Though, it is a common habit of mine to at…

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  • Stick In The Mud?-Personal Narrative

    Why are you such a stick in the mud? Why don’t you ever come out with us? All through high school I was asked those two questions every weekend and every time I would just stand there and shrug my shoulder and say, I don’t know. I wasn’t that I did not want to spend time with my friends because I did want to hang out with them; it was that I did not want to get in trouble. I come from a town were social statues meant everything to almost everyone. Therefore, parties on the weekend were a very…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving In With A Best Friend

    ring is not how you want to end a weekend. Saturday morning I received a text from my best friend, we had been having issues with our living situation. The pain of knowing my best friend just packed up and left was terrible, I was basically losing my best friend. Senior year is full of excitement with prom and graduation all just at your fingertips. Also full of decisions like what you are going to do for the rest of your life, where you are going to school and what classes you want to take. I…

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  • The Importance Of Time Log

    ways. First and foremost, it prevents creating unnecessary stress by counting entirely on completing something in one session. Secondly, I will be able to revisit my work with a “clean slate” allowing my mind to stay fresh so that I can approach an assignment with a new perspective. Lastly, planning out my short to mid-range goals allows me to complete them in a more efficient manner, and protects me against any mishaps from interfering with getting my work in on time. By working for short…

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  • Creative Writing: Mo's Story

    Mo's story began on a Friday afternoon a few weeks ago. Which of course at the time, Mo believed Friday to be the start of a normal weekend, but she was wrong. Now, I am not saying her weekend was awful, but it did run awry. The plan was to travel to her father's house in Dixon, which is about two hours away from Bloomington-Normal. She had already said goodbye to her mother and step-father, on the grounds of the fact that they had left to celebrate their anniversary. The couple planned on…

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  • Media Free Experiment

    smartphone is mine. My irritability led to action. In order to distract myself from my lack of distracting electronics, I worked around the house. I repainted trim in various rooms and caulked around some windows. I repainted some shutters that had started to peel. I did yardwork that I had been putting off. None of this was earth-shattering, but all of it was more productive and satisfying than surfing the web in my free time. I have been looking into paying someone to paint my house in the…

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