Business Analysis Of Perry, Fresh Food Company, And Templeton

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Perry, Fresh Food Company, and Templeton are the main cafeteria on the campus. The meal schedule is failing to some students. Some students do not have time to eat when cafeterias are open at certain time at far distance. Cafeterias might not be available when students have nothing or have time to be sociable. The campus needs to improve the schedule and the cafeteria because it is not flexible on weekend, has same food route, and have time issues.
First, the weekends are not flexible on food when there are a very few options to choose. For example, Perry is open on Saturday, and there are only two main courses to enjoy. If people could not find anything, they might go off-campus, or they find any place on campus that is open. It is the same
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For instance, Perry is open for breakfast on Monday through Friday. They always have bacons, eggs, grits, biscuits, sausage, omelet and hash brown. It is mainly students having a basic breakfast course. They also serve sweets such as muffins, cinnamon roll or other sweet. It seems common that people go there when there are two other options to have. It might not look horrible, but the campus does not have any splendid ideas to serve. Fresh Food Company has others food, but they do not open for breakfast. People would eat the same breakfast every day when in their minds that they are tired of it. Perry needs to create new ideas, so people can enjoy it more when they have more options to choose instead of eating the same main …show more content…
There are certain places that are open and closed on certain days. For example, Perry is the only place that anyone use a block meal for breakfast. This leads to problem because it is not just students having class conflict, but it is also far distance for students who live in the South Zone halls or apartments. Those students are closer to Fresh Food Company helps students’ life easier even the cafeteria is open for lunch and dinner. Templeton are not open on weekend when Templeton has better food options. It is difficult for students who do not have time to go there when the weekend is a perfect time. For another example, campus might have a three or more days, and it sounds terrific. On the down side, there is not much open, and it is not fair to students when they might have problem of their own. These students might have car problems or travelling distance. It could be a conflict with people who are forced to stay on campus for any events. This show the campus does not feed their students enough when they prefer to go out to a restaurant or other fast food place. On the other hand, it is cheaper and easier for campus can afford for their students. When there is no fantastic event going on weekend, there are not many students living on campus. This also leads that it might be easier to pay the food products. The both of the cafeteria are doing fine so far. Student have their own food to feed themselves.

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