Advantages Of Four Days Of The Week

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Throughout history, schools and colleges all over the world have taught students during the week and closed on the weekends. Back then, it was a normal schedule and nobody thought it could be changed in any way to be more productive. In today’s society, universities have the option to have classes only four days of the week, instead of the average five. This new and prominent idea is gaining popularity from students and teachers worldwide. The four-day bell schedule is an innovative procedure that offers more benefits than detriments. By innovating this system, universities see a difference in lower financial cost, increased attendance rates, and less stress on not only students, but faculty as well. Colleges across the country pour …show more content…
Long hours of homework, projects, and studying can be overwhelming for any student. These tasks become unbearable to some students and many result to failing courses or give up and drop out of college. In order to reduce this stress and create a more relaxed environment, colleges can apply the four-day week system. With this schedule in place, students will only have four days that they have to go to class, instead of five. Also, they will be able to recuperate over a three day break in place of a short two day break. This allows students to be more productive in class and not worry about having enough time for other activities. If students are in class on Friday and they have an event that night, they will most likely not pay attention in class anyways and not do well on any work. Their mind will be more likely to wonder everywhere but the lesson they are supposed to be learning. If students get Fridays off, their classes will fall on days where there is not as many events taking place and students can stay focused. Along with this, athletes, band members, and other dedicated event attendees would not have to fret about missing any work on Fridays for games that they have to attend. Teachers will also reduce their stress levels by not having to arrange as many lesson plans. They will ultimately have more time for grading and

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