Persuasive Essay On The Benefits Of Attendance At School

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Throughout history, schools and colleges all over the world have taught students during the week and closed on the weekends. Back then, it was a normal schedule and nobody thought it could be changed in any way to be more productive. In today’s society, universities have the option to have classes only four days of the week, instead of the average five. This new and prominent idea is gaining popularity from students and teachers worldwide. The four-day bell schedule is an innovative procedure that offers more benefits than detriments. By innovating this system, universities see a difference in lower financial cost, increased attendance rates, and less stress on not only students, but faculty as well. Colleges across the country pour loads of money into accumulated costs that they acquire from running operations. Teacher’s salaries, utility costs, maintenance, transportation, and supplies are all sorts of costs that are incurred by every university. These costs can be cut simply by shortening the amount of time each of these entities are used. …show more content…
Finding new ways to persuade students to be present to class is vital for the administration. Eliminating one day per week could be enough to motivate the students to attend class more frequently. As a consequence to this solution, the attendance policy would be more strict, fewer days would be allowed to miss, and classes would be longer. Every class Monday-Thursday would be an hour and thirty minutes long, instead of having fifty minute classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and an hour and a half classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Nevertheless, with a four-day school week, students would be able to fit more activities in on their three day break for friends and family, relaxation, and job responsibilities. More available time allowed on the weekends would reduce the time that students miss during school throughout the

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