Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Community Hours In Schools

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“Community hours”

The inconvenience of making students perform community service just because it’s a requirement for graduating is simply ridiculous. An abundant number of students already have problems with time management, that they have scheduled before and after school. Implementing the requirement as well to every High School itself would affect tons of students, who are behind on credits, now stress ever more than before to being able to graduate with their fellow classmates leading to a great deal of students dropping out of their education. Finally the purpose of community service was originally intended towards people that were self willingly to sacrifice their own for a good cause. Instead of taking upon ourselves to make it mandatory
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The weekdays are just a cycle of bumps and stops on the road in which the students have to spend their time wisely in what is required by the next day to each of their respective classes in terms of assignments, research, studying , working and other miscellaneous tasks. The majority of students that attend High School spend about 7-8 hours at school ,then another 1-2 more hours worth of practice for their School team or extracurricular activities , then 19 hours a week of their after school job making it difficult to manage time for community service. The required hours of community service is also a concern to the students of how many hours they have to reach depending on the quarter, semester, or even by the end of the year of which they might not be able to complete due to their own priorities for school and personal life. Even if the students, themselves manage to prioritize their hours what if they have an emergency or tragedy in which they have a funeral which is very important to the person, which with community hours can ruin their family business that has to be taken care

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