Persuasive Essay On Later School Day

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The Mill Valley High School Board members should reject the proposed idea of a later school day because it is beneficial to students with after school activities such as sports and jobs.

The idea that a later school day is beneficial towards students is preposterous because students with after school activities and jobs would need to be out of school at an earlier hour. Take John Sherwood’s testimony for example. He complains, “But it’s going to make football practice a nightmare. We won’t be able to be dressed and on the field until 4:45, and in October, it starts getting dark by 5:30...good luck getting to Highland Park in traffic.” By starting the school day later, the football team can no longer practice while it’s still light out. Same goes for all sports after school in the fall, cross country, soccer, etc. Traffic would also be a nightmare for teams trying to play away games! Traveling during rush hour would not be the ideal situation for a football team that has a game at 5:30. John is referencing football and sports, but it’s not only athletes that are affected. One poll poses the question, “Are you involved in after school activities?” A shocking 72% of
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They think that students will be more focused later in the day. Take Principal Smith’s testimony for example. He states confidently, “It’s simple. We want teens in school during their most alert hours, so they can achieve their full academic potential.” According to the poll that asks the question, “When do you feel most awake?”, the principal’s testimony isn’t correct! A whooping number of only 5% of the students at the school said that at the end of the day they feel more awake. The principal’s testimony therefore doesn’t make any sense. 17% of the students said they feel most awake in the morning. That would prove that actually the time where kids feel the least awake is towards the end of day, not the

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