Should Students Have The Right To Choose What They Eat For Lunch Essay

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Should Students Have The Right To Chose What They Eat For Lunch?

The choice of lunch for students should not be one that is made by someone else, students should have the right to chose what they eat for lunch. A healthy lunch for a growing student is a principal component for the development and growth of a child. There are many components of growth that cannot be changed, but weight and health from choice of food can always be revised. Parents often want the best health for their kids, and sometimes physical activity is not as easy to facilitate, which is why eating healthy is exceedingly important. Through learning from experience, the help for later on in life and the improved health in cafeterias, students should be able to chose what
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If students have the option of what to buy or get, they are not restricted in how much of the food they can be. Exceeding eating healthy and unhealthy, eating too much on a regular basis is also hazardous for a growing child 's health. As well, even if the student is under the impression that they are choosing the healthy option, there are times where this is erroneous. Not every single school has a great cafeteria and a few schools do not make the food as well, or make it as healthy as it may seem. High sodium is extremely common in many foods especially in cafeterias where health is not the priority. At a young age, children are not usually able to notice this, which is currently a large issue. In the United States, the average sodium intake for a child aged between 8-12 is 3260 mg/day (CDC, 2013). It is recommended that children around this age group eat no more than 2,200 mg/day of sodium, and the reality is well beyond that, which is exceedingly dangerous (Paul and Robinson, …show more content…
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