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  • Dai Jin's 'Huike Offering His Arm To Bodhidharma'

    The Path To Enlightenment There are several legends that depict different scenes for the famed Bodhidharma and Huike. One of those is the story of Huike cutting off his arm. The paintings from Dai Jin and Sesshu ultimately show this story, with Sesshu’s painting similarly named “Huike Offering His Arm To Bodhidharma.” The story is fairly simple; Huike wanted to become truly enlightened and went on a journey to find someone to enlighten and teach him, Bodhidharma. Initially, Huike waited in the snow for Bodhidharma until he asked why Huike was there. After replying with wanting to be enlightened, Bodhidharma refused. To show his resolve, Huike cut off his left arm and presented it to Bodhidharma as an offering. He accepted, and Huike became a student for Bodhidharma. While similar to how they look, for both of the paintings, the theme for them would be something akin sacrifice, and being able to do anything without hesitation for something you truly believe in; a psychological battle between if something is absolutely worth giving a part of yourself to. It is definitely comparable to the story of the painting, that is what one can get out of the two paintings when studying it for quite a bit of time. Between the two phenomenal and famous artists, in regards to the story of Bodhidharma and Huike, Dai Jin was able to convey that more effectively, but Sesshu successfully projected the theme of the painting to a greater degree. Starting off with the composition, Dai Jin has more…

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  • Havoc Research Paper

    Survival Havoc, the well-known dangerous wolf, is named Havoc because everywhere he goes he causes havoc. He is a large wolf, his coat is darker than the night, his bark is mightier than all, he is the fastest animal in the forest, and can he jump higher than the trees themselves or so they say. Running into Havoc could be one of the most dangerous experiences that could ever happen to you! John Smith, an archaeologist, was sent on an expedition to explore the mysterious forest that Havoc lives…

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  • Invictus Comparison

    At some point in the numerous journeys we embark on, we hit an obstacle and we feel all hope is lost. Sometimes we give up before any progress, and sometimes we give up right before we make it to the finish line, despite putting in so much effort to achieve it. Through Invictus by William Ernest Henley and If by Rudyard Kipling, it is shown that “if you can keep your head”, “yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it”. Both texts insinuate that success comes from commitment and a true sense…

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  • Ezekiel And Jeremiah: A Bible Study

    In a bloody battle with Necho’s Egyptian army in 605 BC, Prince Nebuchadnezzar the son of Nabopolassar, pushed the Egyptian army back across the river and claimed Judah to Babylon. After Nebuchadnezzar departed back to his homeland to ascend to the throne, Judah began to revolt against the Babylonian rule which called for the now King to return to suppress the trouble. Upon his return the King had completed many projects to remind Judah of whom their king was. One of the projects was to take…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Celebrity Worshipping

    the same category because it is danger to America today and years to come. Celebrity worship has started since we were a kid. We dreamed about being Polly pockets and G.I Joe’s that parents weren’t even aware of it. Growing from a kid to teenager is when the situations gets bad and tricky. The Hollywood world has big hand in the trends we wear today. What styles for our hair? What workouts are good for me? Or even the battle of cosmetics. A teenager picking up a magazine of Kylie Jenner…

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  • Event Causal Model Of Human Agency Essay

    properties are fixed, then intentional properties are fixed. (Davidson 2001/1970) However, supervenience cannot provide substantial information about the relation of intentional and physical properties, since it is a general and topic-neutral relation. Moreover, ECM encounters an ontological problem raised by Kim (1998). By endorsing the idea of supervenience, Davidson consents to a layered or hierarchical model of world, holding that different kinds of explanations (physical, neural and…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Next Chapter In My Life

    I realized that in order for me to start the next chapter in my life I have to quit “re-reading” the last one. Which is why I deleted all my social media accounts. I noticed myself putting more time into face book or Instagram then I did my relationship with you and my family and also my school work. I also knew that if I kept those accounts I would sooner or later ruin my relationship with you because it is way too much drama and also because the first sign of an unhealthy relationship is a…

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  • Donald Trump: The Role Of Ethics In American Society

    understand their consumers’ changing moral stance. From a marketing standpoint, events that generate buzz are a perfect way to gain attention to a company whether it be positive or negative feedback. The primary service of marketing is promoting and selling a product or service to desired audiences that fit the need for such or is in a targeted demographic for the product. A vital and critical example of the intersection of marketing methods and media ethics in Kendall Jenner’s 2017 Pepsi…

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  • Dictatorship In Robinson Crusoe

    A dictator is someone that appoints themselves into a role of total power over a group of people. Dictators maintain their power by force through planting fear into the people that they have rule over. Dictators have a tendency to force their views on the people as well. In Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, Crusoe presents himself as a generous and beneficent governor of the island that he is stranded on, when in reality he exercises a dictatorship rule by using might rather than right.…

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  • Difference Between Automatic Processing And Controlled Processing

    Automatic Processing and Controlled Processing The cognitive processes that influence perception are influenced by the techniques and shortcuts that people create in order to efficiently perceive the social world with as much accuracy as possible. One of these processes is automatic processing that influences how people may implements previously learned and experienced material into their perception of situations in a quick and efficient manner (Bargh, 1989). On the other hand, controlled…

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